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Sneaker Pimps: September 22nd, 2007

This past Saturday was the 4th Annual Sneaker Pimps Tour in Atlanta. I remember vividly the very first one to take place in ATL in the small space of More Dusty Than Digital (R.I.P.) in Little Five Points. There was just some custom kicks, a Dj, a small bar, and about 100 people.

After that the event moved to MJQ for year 2, The Loft for year 3 (which feat a performance by Kool Keith), and now year 4. 

The venue was the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, which I’ve past several times but have never been inside of. After only about 2 minutes of being inside I am informed by Dj Creashun (CE Crew) that somebody there looks just like me – and he just ran up on that person thinking it was me. At first I laughed it off, but as the night progressed more and more people approached me saying this person resembled me a lot.  Finally after the 10th person told me this, I decided to find this guy – D Woods snapped the pic, and I wanted to post it to see what you think? Does every skinny light skin brotha with a fitted on look like me?



There was a stage outside, a half pipe (skateboard ramp) inside, and what seemed like 500 custom kicks. Everywhere you turned seemed to be a new experience.

One of the highlights for the night was the amount of ladies who came threw with fresh kicks. Around midnight the Clipse took the stage and ran threw their hits along with random mixtape tracks. We also caught Malice (Clipse) on the Ramp getting it in.


Malice (Clipse) getting his Kick Push On.



Dj’s Lord and Tiger Lilly head down the sounds for most of the evening.

Shout out to D Woods, Freddie, Nita, Dave Jeff (Phli), Steve (New Era), Peter, Brady, Mike, Young Joc, Kenny Burns, Jerrell, Greg Street, Cope 2 (KD / NYC KING) and everybody else that I bumped into that evening. Everyone had a Wonderful time and can wait for Sneaker Pimps 5!



(Below) Cope 2 KD – NYC Graffiti King


Freddy and Young Joc


I wasnt in the Garden with Run DMC, But these pics remind me of that moment I always hear about.






Kenny Burns, Sol Munki Crew, and Ree De La Vega

Photo courtesy of ChicagoRilla


(L to R) T -Prestigous*Walstreet*Fruit*Greg Street*Senor Kaos*Chad


Young Joc / AUC Magazine

Photo courtsey of ChicagoRilla


Senor Kaos and Dave Jeff (Phli – Chicago)


SK with Triple OG Jerrell Allen


Senor Kaos and Malice (Clipse) The piece is so shiny – Im Mad!


It was a honor to meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend Cope 2





Remix Hotel: September 20 – 22nd

Remix Hotel came threw ATL this weekend downtown at the SAE Institute.

The celebration for the 10th Annual Atlantis Music Conference also took place this weekend.

The weekend started off on Thursday night with the Beat Source Beat Battle. Shout out to Walstreet who took home the big check. After the battle Talib Kweli popped out and ripped it down with a short set. Nobody outside of the Remix people really knew about the show. – Sorry didn’t take any pics.

The SAE Institute is FRESH, nice place, lots of space!  I didn’t get a chance to hang out there much but I made it threw on Friday evening and caught up with the new homie Francois from Denver. THE BEAT SOURCE MODELS WERE CRAZY!!!! CHECK THE PIC.




There was a panel with Hank Shocklee (Bombsquad / Public Enemy) – If you don’t know Google him. The Bombsquad changed the game for Hip Hop in the late 80’s / early 90’s sound of music.

Senor Kaos and Hank Shocklee (Bomb Squad/Public Enemy)


Shout to out to Jneiro Jarrell (who I haven’t seen since 2005 in Miami), James and Andy (Fresh Press), Nick Love, Hustle, and Dj Rob Wonder.

Was a definite success, see you guys next year.

Hustle and a fine young lady



Rob Wonder (El Bar / Street Local ATL)



Andy, Senor Kaos, and James (FreshPress NYC)



Friday Druken Unicorn: 9.21.07

One of the only Hip Hop events this weekend for the Atlantis Music Conference took place at the Drunken Unicorn Friday Night.

 Shout out to everybody who performed – I missed most of the show, but caught Clan Destined – “We’re Older and Wiser”

 I got a chance to meet “Blue Schoolers” Hip Hop group from Seattle, keep doing ya thing fellas.




The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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