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Pics: Chauncey Davis Football Camp At Grady High School

On Saturday June 11th I was invited out to the Chauncey Davis Footcamp Camp at Grady High School. The camp was targeted to middle school age African American youth in Atlanta who are looking forward to playing football in high school. The camp was put on my Atlanta Falcons players Chauncey Davis, Johnathan Babineaux, and Baltimore Ravens’ Daniel Wilcox. It was also a FREE camp which I’m sure the parents really enjoyed. The kids got to learn the fundamentals and got a chance to work on some training aspects of their game.

You never know which one of these kids might make it to the NFL on day.


Señor Kaos, C Diddy, Joy, and Chauncey Davis.


Shouts to Mike Smoak (DTLR) holding down the snow cone machine. I told him I’m a start calling him “Snow Cone Mike” HA.



Video: Mike Flo – “Eyes Open, Fists Clenched”

New video from Chicago/Atlien emcee Mike Flo. Song is called “Eyes Open, Fists Clenched” Shouts to High Impact Media who directed this joint. They also did the Lyric Jones video I posted recently as well as the latest Boog Brown jont.


Eddie Meeks Presents: Cappuccino’s Unauthorized Records New LP


YOOO in case you didn’t know today is officially the first day of summer. Let me welcome you to Hotlanta where it was 94 degrees earlier but it really felt like 102. As the sun set the temperature dropped in the city… that was UNTIL I opened my e-mail to the new HEAT Eddie Meeks sent over.

Eddie Meeks hit TKE off with the new sampler to his album “Cappuccino’s Unauthorized Records” as well as his new video directed by DJ Pocket.

Also I announced earlier via Twitter that I would be hosting Meeks LP release party tomorrow night here in ATL at 529 EAV. Live performances from Clan Destined, Ekundayo, and Eddie Meeks himself.

Not sure what to expect from Meeks Cappuccino’s new project. Check out the sampler below.

Eddie Meeks Presents: Cappuccino’s Unauthorized Records-Sampler by Eddie South Memphis Meeks

Eddie Meeks – Unagi – Song Of Satisfaction: Video. Directed By DJ Pocket

“Who In The Hell Is Cappuccino?” If You Don’t Know… Your About To Find Out!

If you enjoyed the sampler and video you can purchase “Cappuccino’s Unauthorized Records” digitally now.




Movies To Check For: A Tribe Called Quest Documentary Leaks

Back in early June the poster for the A Tribe Called Quest documentary hit the net. Here’s a larger image of the poster that was sent my way recently.


If you’ve been paying attention to the Blog lately you’ve probably been hearing about the new A Tribe Called Quest documentary: “Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest” that documents the story of the group. Tribe along with the Fugees may be one of the biggest enigmas in Hip Hop that I can think of. Their both loved, sold tons of albums, have fans all around the world, but can’t seem to get along much to put out a new album. This new movie is said to give viewers a behind the scenes peek of the group interacting with one their last tour a few years back.

As a Tribe fan, and a fan of Hip Hop period, I must say this is the movie I can’t wait to check out when it hits theaters. The homie 4-Ize told me he recently got invited to check out a sneak peak of the new film before it’s released. Not long after is seems as if the movie has hit the streets.

I’ve bumped into a few people who have confirmed, the bootleg has hit the streets and is circulating around FAST. From what I’m hearing this is a version of the movie that was shown at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. If movies are made like albums, than that could easily mean the version that hits the big screen varies a little from the one out now.

Either way, I have NO interest in seeing it early. I’ll be in the theatre on July 22nd to see this one live and direct. I suggest you do the same. Don’t cheat yaself. Treat yaself.

Speaking on Sundance, here’s a video clip of Phife speaking after the movie was shown back in January 2011. Apparently he was the ONLY one from the group to show up for the screening.


Events: House Of Hoops Atlanta Grand Opening Event Tomorrow


Last year around this time there was a BIG rumor that Foot Locker was finally opening up a House Of Hoops location in Atlanta. The rumor as I remember it was, there was going to be a new HOH location inside South Dekalb Mall (Decatur). Then the rumor switched locations, and Greenbriar Mall (Southwest Atlanta) became the intended target.

Then suddenly the rumors dried up. No House of Hoops ever opened in either mall, or in ATL, and all the attention shifted to the new NYC HOH location in Roosevelt Field and later to the new store in Miami.

A lil birdie told me about a month ago that there was going to be a House Of Hoops (HOH) opening in the ATL area and that it would be launching in Southlake Mall this summer. I must say I did NOT believe the news when I heard it.

Well it turns out it’s true. The Shoe Game leaked the info a few weeks back about the soft launch opening of the store. Now the grand opening info has been made public. The grand opening will take place tomorrow (Tues) at 2:30pm. 2pm on a Tuesday? I guess it’s more unemployed sneaker heads and basketball junkies than I thought in the area.

Sooooooooooo I think it’s cool the city is finally getting a House Of Hoops, as it’s long overdue. BUT I’m also a lil baffled at why the location although called HOH Atlanta is in Morrow, GA? I haven’t been to Southlake in about 10 years. Unless you live on that side of town (South Suburbs), there’s nothing to go over there for. I’m not understanding why they couldn’t put this location somewhere actually IN Atlanta. *Heavy Sigh*

Oh well…

If you live on the southside or interested in making a drive, House Of Hoops (outside) Atlanta opens tomorrow afternoon.


New Music: Nas – Nasty

New music from Nasty Nas. Yeah I said “Nasty Nas.” This joint is called “Nasty.” From what I understand this is the first leak off his 10th solo album which will be called “Life Is Good.” Also good to hear new tunes from QB’s Finest. OH… I forgot to mention this track is produced by Salaam Remi.


NASTY (Produced by Salaam Remi) -DIRTY by Nasir Jones


VIDEO: Lyric Jones – Trapped In The City Lights

I’m not the only one who dropped a new video today. ATL emcee Lyric Jones has also been pushing her new visual for “Trapped In The City Lights” shot, edited and directed by Will Feagins Jr.

Lyric Jones debut album “Jones St.” is coming soon.


WORLD PREMIER: Senor Kaos Releases New Video For The Song “No More”

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. A few months back we started shooting the video for the song “No More” in East Atlanta. “No More” is the 3rd record on my latest project – Señor Kaos Is The Most Interesting MC In The World. It was produced by Marcotiks and the video was directed by Artemus Jenkins.

Check It Out… If you like it, you can purchase the new single as well.

View Via Vimeo

View Via You Tube

What do you think? If you like PLEASE spread the word. BIG Shouts to Artemus Jenkins and Marcotiks for making this song and video happen.


Video: Diamond D 45 Set At Earwax Reunion Event

This past Saturday night, Earwax founder and ATL Hip Hop O.G. Jasz celebrated his 50th Birthday at Mingles in downtown ATL. The lineup of DJ’s included an All Star cast consisting of DJ’s Kemit, Rasta Root, Doc, and a special 45 set from Diamond D. Along with celebrating his birthday this was also the official Earwax Reunion.

For those that don’t know, Earwax Records was a record store here in ATL that was thee go to spot in the 90′s. It was located right in midtown on Peachtree Street and was the epicenter for DJ’s looking for vinyl (new&old), CD’s, etc. I first discovered Earwax when I was in high school. I would go down there on the weekends (normally with no money) just to hang out, read a magazine, listen to some music, and meet. Earwax was bought out in the early 2000′s and turned into a nightclub, which was eventually bought out by Trump and turned into a overpriced high rise condominium, which till this day is still very vacant. Earwax re-located over to Spring Street and Linden as stayed there for a few more years until it recently was bought out and turned into a Law Office which like the high rise is pretty empty. Atlanta makes some REALLY dumb real estate decisions. The two places where Earwax was, have nothing going on right now. Same as all the clubs in Buckhead that were torn down in 2006, and till this day remain as a big hole that looks like Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.


The homie DJ Willy Wow had his camera on hand and caught this footage of Diamond D doing his thing. Check out this 21 min set with Diamond getting busy with the 45′s.

Happy Birthday Jasz & Salute to the Earwax Staff: Jasz, Boogie, Talib Shabazz, Kool Kila, Kamal, Ron Pullman, and everybody else who I forgot.


Video: Clan Destined Feat. Pudge – Above The Clouds

New video from ATL’s own Clan Destined feat. Pudge “Above The Clouds.” If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out their new album “Self Titled”

ATL Hip Hop… Keep Shining.

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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