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Interview: Señor Kaos Visits Riding Dirty Radio Show At WRFG 89.3 w/ Big Vic XL

After my A3C 2011 performance I stopped by the “Ridin Dirty” Radio Show at WRFG 89.3 FM to build with Big Vic XL. We spoke on the past, present, and future of Señor Kaos. We talked about what keeps me looking young, the homie Jax, commercial success, music, etc. Check it out.

Shouts to Big Vic XL for always supporting a brotha. The Kaos Effect LP Coming 11.11.11


Video: Señor Kaos Performing In NYC For 2011 CMJ Festival

10 days after the A3C Festival ended, I took a trip up to NYC for the 2011 CMJ Festival. On Tuesday night I made a surprise appearance during Fresh Daily’s set at Drom for the Brooklyn Bodega showcase.

Then on Thursday I rocked at the Thompson Hotel for the Digiwaxx showcase. Both were super short sets, but new fans were made, and that’s what counts. The Kaos Effect LP is coming 11.11.11. Can’t wait for y’all to hear it.

Shouts to everybody in NYC who I caught up with on this trip: Sucio Smash, J-Live, Fresh Daily, P.So, Homeboy Sandman, J, Sue, Mimi, Chief Jus, Miss Al Boogie, Navani, Timm See, Teddy Ted, Photo Rob, CL, Pharoahe Monch, Willie Evans Jr., YC, John Robinson, Jessica, DJ Eleven, DJ Eclipse, Skizz, Petey Cologne, DJ Evil Dee, Mr. Walt, Crazy DJ Bizarro, etc.


Video: Nas – “Nasty”

New video from Nas for the song Nasty. By the time I caught this It was already sitting on 1.3 Million views. That’s wussup. Makes me feel good 1.3 Milly people still wanna hear a emcee murder a breakbeat. And Nas does just that!

God Son takes it back to QB on the video for “Nasty.” Starts off in a Rolls Royce all shiny, and ends up back in the Bridge in the booth. FRESH! Remember back in the day when practically every video Nas did was shot in his Queensbridge Projects neighborhood? I think Nas gets the crown for repping his hood to the fullest… Anyway check is out. And may this mark the return of “Nasty Nas”


Video: Kendrick Lamar “Rigamortis”

When I first heard Kendrick Lamar’s “Section 80″ LP this was instantly my favorite record on the project. Raw Lyrics, Crazy Flow, Drums and some live horns.

Good to see them put a visual together for this joint. Not sure how long this video has been out a lil over a week now but today was first time catching it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

“When rigor mortis occurs within a corpse, its muscles tighten, causing the body to become stiff and very difficult to move. The chemical reaction makes all blood gravitate to the areas of the body that are closest to the ground, leaving colorful spots as an indication of life that once existed. As the soul escapes, toxins remain causing the corpse to rot and decompose. This is the fate that Kendrick Lamar has deemed onto the competition, more commonly known as your favorite rapper. Amen!”


Video: Señor Kaos & 4-Ize As ULTRA BEAST 2011 A3C Hip Hop Festival Performance

Footage of the infamous Gorilla suit FINALLY surfaces thanks to the homie B. Price. Here is some footage from the Ultra Beast set that happened opening night at the 2011 A3C Festival at the Hip Hop DX showcase on the Creative Loafing stage. Shouts to Floyd The Locsmif, Ekundayo, and Anthony David who were our special guest for the evening.

Check out the footage.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Señor Kaos “The Kaos Effect” LP Artwork First Look + Press Release

(For Release Monday October 24, 2011):



The time has finally come for Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos to release his highly anticipated album via indy label High Water Music. The LP entitled The Kaos Effect shares the same name as Kaos’ website ( which was created in 2007 as a way to connect with fans.

The Kaos Effect album is a snap shot of my life from the years 2000 through 2010. Throughout the listeners journey you will hear stories about my trails and tribulations of becoming an artist, quitting my job to follow my passion, starting my own company, making money, losing money, traveling the world, getting evicted, and dealing with the death of a fellow solider and friend,” says Kaos.

“The title The Kaos Effect describes all the small pieces I’ve collected over a decade which now have been put together to create a great puzzle. A lot of people know me for different things. Some know me because of my website, or the Blogs, while others know me strictly through my marketing related work, and some only know me for my popular interviews with Hip Hop artists like (Ghostface, Pharoahe Monch, B.O.B., DJ Clark Kent, Little Brother, Wale, Game, etc.). So the overall goal of this record, is for me to share a piece of my story with the world so they can understand why people call Señor Kaos The Most Interesting MC In The World.”

The album is produced entirely by Atlanta mainstay Illastrate. The first song and video released from the project “Automatic Classic” is currently available for purchase on iTunes via High Water Music.

“Me and Illastrate started working on this project three years ago. At first the plan was to create an EP of 5 or 6 songs. Once we reached that goal, Illa came up with the idea to produce a full album for me. In a time where emcees look for several great producers to create a sound for their project, I chose to work with only one. When there’s one person who understands your artistry and sound, it makes the process of creating that much more easier. Illastrate is ATL’s best-kept secret when it comes to production, but hopefully he won’t be anymore once the world hears The Kaos Effect.”

In addition to Illastrate’s production the album also features guest artists: J-Live, Fresh Daily, Binkis Recs, Ekundayo, Ozy Reigns, Lyric Jones, Fort Knox and includes cuts by DJ Dainja. The album will be released in physical and digital formats on Friday November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) via New York based Indy label High Water Music. (

“Its Like That” featuring ATL emcee Ekundayo is the first leak to be released from The Kaos Effect.

03 3. Its like that by HighWaterMusic

For those in Atlanta, GA the official album release party will be taking place Friday November 11th at Club 529 in the East Atlanta Village.

The Kaos Effect Official Track Listing:

1. The Understanding Feat. Fort Knox

2. New And Improved Feat. Ozy Reigns & Lyric Jones

3. Its Like That Feat. Ekundayo

4. Did You Miss Me Feat. Binkis Recs

5. Restless Feat. J-Live

6. Automatic Classic 2.0

7. You Couldn’t Relate Feat. Fresh Daily

8. Girls Rock Too Remix

9. Spirit Of Jax

10. Last Call (Toast Up)

11. *Bonus* No More (Produced By Marcotiks)

12. *Bonus* Automatic Classic Remix


Video: Señor Kaos Featured On Beatminerz Radio Wed 10.19

This past Wednesday I braved the mini tropical storm that was going on in NYC and trooped it out to Bushwick Brookyn to catch up with Crazy DJ Bizarro for Beatminerz Radio. Shouts to Mr. Walt for the invite. The studio that houses the radio show as I learned is also the same place where the Hip Hop classic Black Moon “Enta Da Stage” and countless other joints were made. Was a honor to be sitting in the same place that gave birth some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks.

When I got there Bizarro told me “Your gonna laugh today” and BOY was he right. It started with Dj Esquire’s Phil Collins Vs. Michael McDonald battle.. Afterwards Bizarro took over for Bizarro’s World. Check it out.

I talked about the new album, why I’m in NYC, and Bizarro debuts two new joints for the world to check. I had a great time. Salute to the Beatminerz fam.

Video streaming by Ustream

Big shouts to DJ Evil Dee who always shares the craziest Hip Hop stories when I see him. Before I left DJ Wayne Ski sent me off with a shot of Jamison Whiskey. This was def the best radio interview I’ve done this year. HA.


News: Immortal Technique & Jay Smooth Speaking On Occupy Wall Street: Video

While I was in NYC I bumped into two people who are heavily involved in Hip Hop as well as politics. Emcee/Activist Immortal Technique & Radio Host/Blogger Jay Smooth (Ill Doctrine).

Immortal Technique speaking about Occupy Wall Street:

When I bumped into Jay Smooth on Wednesday night, I said “yo Jay, I’m surprised I haven’t seen a OCW video from you yet.” He said I JUST finished it today. Check it out.

Before my show on Thursday night down in the Financial District I walked around the Wall Street area, I didn’t make it to the park where the demonstration is, but I tried to take a chance to survey the area to see what was going on. Going to be keeping an eye on OCW and new developments.


Video: Señor Kaos On Halftime Radio Show WNYU Oct 19 Via U-Stream

What’s going on party people. I JUST got returned from NYC from the 2011 CMJ Festival. I performed in NYC for CMJ back in 2009 at Public Assembly in Bklyn, I missed 2010, so I was thrilled to be back in the city for CMJ this year.

On Wednesday night I made a stop by WNYU for the Halftime Radio Show with DJ Eclipse, DJ Avee, DJ 3D. Shouts to DJ Skizz, Petey Cologne, Navani, Immortal Technique, Apollo Brown, Miss Al Boogie, and Punchline.

Immortal Technique debuted some new music, Me and Punch kicked some rhymes, Apollo Brown speaks to NYC about what he has going on. Check it out. Video footage via U-Stream.

Congrats to DJ Eclipse who just had a kid recently.

This past Wednesday night I stopped by WNYU for Halftime Radio with DJ Eclipse and special guest DJ’s Avee & DJ 3D.

Video streaming by Ustream


Video: Señor Kaos & 4-Ize (Ultra Beast) Interview With “New Music Monkey”

Last Thursday we met the Vegas homie SK4MC at the New Era store in ATL to talk a lil about Ultra Beast. This is just a few hours before I stepped on the stage in a gorilla suit. Check it out.

4-ize & Senor Kaos A3C 2011 Interview with SK4MC for

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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