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Stories: Señor Kaos Meets Gary Bartz At Red Bull Music Academy San Fran Kick Off


Last we spoke I told you I was headed to San Francisco (The Bay) for the Red Bull Music Academy 2012 meet up. This is where all the Mr/Ms X’s (Red Bull Music Academy Ambassadors) meet up, learn what’s happening for the year, network, as well as get a taste of what the Academy is like.

On my first night in Cisco, I got the chance to witness saxophonist Gary Bartz perform live at Yoshi’s. As soon as I walked into the spot I met Aloe Blacc who’s music I’ve really been enjoying lately. As I’m chilling by the bar none other than Kool Bob Love, Bobbito Garcia himself pops up.

Yoshi’s a fly sushi spot that hosts Jazz musicians in the front, but they also have an auditorium in the rear of the building. I had NO idea.

Once the show started you had Gary Bartz on the Sax and vocals. In addition, he had a Pianist who was getting BUSY, a drummer who kept it in the pocket and a bassist who kept the grooves thick as gravy. If that wasn’t enough singers Bilal and Aloe Blacc were special guests, who performed covers of some of Gary’s hits as well as Stevie Wonder covers, and some of their own material. Bilal lost a few cool points reading the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s “You Will Know” but he made up for it later in the show. Aloe Blacc covered Gary’s “Celestial Blues” which was absolutely AMAZING! The three ended up on stage together at one point covering Coltrane’s “Love Supreme.” The show was CRAZY! I’m truly blessed to say I got a chance to witness that live.

The next day I got a chance to meet Gary Bartz and hear him speak about the history of his music, how he feels about Hip Hop artists sampling his music, as well as why he HATES the word “Jazz.” Check it out for your self. Shouts to Chairman Mao who conducted the interview.


ALSO.. In case you didn’t know the Red Bull Music Academy will be in New York City (NYC) this fall. The Red Bull Music Academy is open to ALL musicians, artists, DJ’s, producers, engineers, etc. It’s like a two week musical workshop where some of the coolest artists from around the world meet up, work on music together, network, as well as witness some amazing performances, and lectures. The applications will be available this Thursday, February 2nd. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how you can get in where you fit in.

Make sure you check out Gary Bartz on Red Bull Music Academy Radio.



Video: Young Lyxx & Skyzoo “You Ain’t Heard” Behind The Scenes

Back around Thanksgiving the homie Skyzoo was in ATL. He rocked a show at Club 529 but earlier that day I saw tweets about him being in the Stankonia Studios (Outkast/Atlanta) working with Young Lyxx on something… What is done in the studio dark… shall come to light (at least you hope it works out like that HA). Looks like the two teamed up on a track called “You Ain’t Heard.” Here’s some behind the footage of the two recording the track. Video work by Cam Kirk, although I’m not sure who produced this track.

It’s interesting to see both emcees type / spit rhymes off their mobile phones. I wonder how this has affected the sales of Mead Composition Notebooks as it seems the ways of the rhyme book are going extinct… Check it out.

Download: Young Lyxx Feat. Skyzoo – “You Ain’t Heard”


Download: Boog Brown & Stanza – “Together” Prod. By King I Divine

I heard this record for the first time last night while I was checking out the Beatz and Lyrics show. The track is produced by King I Divine and DJ Precyse is on the cuts.

This is the first leak from the Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Mixtape recorded during the 2011 A3C Hip Hop Festival here in ATL.


“Together” is currently available for free download. Make sure you check out the entire Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go project when it’s released on Feb. 7th.


Traveling Man: Kaos In San Francisco

What’s really good party people. I recently made a trip out to the Bay Area to the great city of San Francisco. If you took New York City from the east coast and put it in California, added some mountains, some palm trees, and a BUNCH of hills… San Francisco is what you would get. I really had a good time out that way, and luckily I was able to take a few pictures to share from my travels. Things I saw: The Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island (from afar), Hills, Haight & Ashbury (Birthplace of Hippies & Ben&Jerrys), random Year Of The Dragon things in Chinatown, and I even saw Dave Chapelle (no picture though).

I was in the Bay for Red Bull Music Academy meetings, and events. Saw shows with Gary Bartz, Bilal, Aloe Blacc, Blu & Exile, Stretch & Bobbito, and Masters At Work. I’ll be posting more pics in other posts, but for now check these out.


This was my theme music while I was walking around in San Fran.


Señor Kaos Headed To San Francisco / Red Bull Music Academy 2012 Meet Up

What a week this has been already. My phone broke on sunday night and I’ve been out the matrix for the past few days… With that said, if your looking for me for the rest of the week you can find me in the BAY!!!

Headed to San Francisco to link up with my Red Bull Music Academy family. This is just a taste of what I’ll be getting into. Looking forward to seeing all my San Fran famalams, and hopefully I get the chance to ghost-ride somebodies whip. HA!


I’ll be sure to take some cool pics and hit you guys with a Blog update when I return.


Television: Big Rec Is The First Emcee To Perform On Wheel Of Fortune (Video)

I caught this video on Facebook a week or so ago. Footage of the homie Big Rec (The Five) repping on Wheel Of Fortune. Turns out the homie went on the game show, won the whole thing, then kicked some bars at the end. WOW.

Big Rec is the first emcee I know to kick it with Pat Sajack and Vanna White.



New Music: Señor Kaos Featured On “Executive Suite” Album. Releases Today

Today is January 10th which can only mean one thing! The “Executive Suite” album is here and available for FREE download.

A few months back I was reached out to by Kareem Fort to be interviewed for his DEMO’s documentary which is about independent artists. Afterwards I was approached about jumping on this record with Chaundon which was to be featured on the Demo’s movie soundtrack. Later on me and 4-Ize knocked out another record to be featured on “Executive Suite.” The original record “All Out” with Chaundon and Skinny C, never made the soundtrack and instead was used for this project. AND… that my friends is how I ended up on the “Executive Suite” project two times.

Just thought I’d share a lil story with you… But for real 2012 is getting off to a GREAT start, and this project is definitely one you shouldn’t sleep on. Stream or Download at Today!


As C.O.O. of HiPNOTT Records, Co–Founder of Cypher Lounge Radio and creator/Executive Producer of the highly anticipated documentary film DEMOS, you would think Kareem Fort wouldn’t have time for much more but, the multi-talented Reem has taken on the role of executive producer for the upcoming compilation LP, Executive Suite.

Executive Suite is available via The DJBooth with additional sponsorship from KevinNottingham and TheWellVersed. The compilation features production from long time collaborator Tony C (of Maseed Productions) and features the lyricism of Rapper Big Pooh, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino, Senor Kaos, 4-Ize, Hawdwerk, and Punchline and more.


A Day in the Life Intro (prod. Push Button Ent)
Take A Walk ft Dave East (prod. Pajozo)
All Out ft Chaundon, Senor Kaos, Skinny-C (prod. Tony C)
Dont Say Goodbye ft Rapper Big Pooh, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino (prod Ahzel)
Here With Me Brooke Taylor feat Punchline (Tony C.)
Givin It Up ft Ultrabeast (4-Ize & Senor Kaos), Hawdwerk (prod. Tony C.)
Snapshot ft Bodega Brovas (prod Tony C, cuts by DJ Mark-1)
Grown Man Business ft Akil Nadir (prod Tony C)
Top Mistress ft Aliso Black (prod Tony C)
Do Dat Sheit ft Tomorrow Yesterday (prod Tony C)
Message from Von Pea of Tanya Morgan
Amazement ft E-Jones, Halo, Rapsody, Sundown (prod E Jones)
The Edge ft Epsilon Project (Prod Slopfunkdust)
Arson ft Noni Spitz (prod Tony C)
Dynamics ft Gods’illa (prod E Jones)
Too Deep ft Lyric Jones and Headkrack (prod. Tony C)
Come On ft Ms.She-ill (prod Floyd da Locsmif)



Events: Señor Kaos & Ultra Beast Invade Birmingham

This past Friday night (Jan 6th), me, 4-ize and the Bodega Brovas trooped out to Birmingham, Alabama for a live performance at the Bottle Tree Cafe. Shouts to the good folks at Lobotomix for holding us down and making sure things were straight. The Bottle Tree is a real nice venue that serves as restaurant int the day / venue at night. As far as the food goes the sweet potato french fries were jamming. As far as the venue goes the space is nice and the sound was crispy!

Me and 4-Ize performed a special Ultra Beast set which we rocked for about 40 minutes. I ran thru some of the records from “The Kaos Effect” and he ran through some joints from his latest project “Attack Of The Sea Monkeys,” before we linked later in the set to knock out collab records. Shouts to all the ladies who came out, and to the two young ladies who kept buying us shots of Jaegermeister like they were trying to get us pregnant. HA.

(Backstory): A couple songs into the set 4-Ize announced on the mic “I need somebody to bring me some Jaegermeister!” Like 3 minutes later we were being handed two shots, and I thought that was it. 5 minutes later the young ladies come back with more shots, 10 minutes go buy and more shots! HAHAHA! I told 4-ize these girls are either trying to kidnap us or get us pregnant… or both! Lol.

Haven’t seen any video footage surface from the show, but here’s a couple pics. Shouts to A.D and DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul) for coming through and rocking with us.



News: Señor Kaos’ “The Kaos Effect” Voted #1 Slept On Album Of 2011 By

Shouts to for always supporting my music over the past few years. When I first saw this post, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. In one way it’s very correct, I feel my album “The Kaos Effect” was VERY slept on by the press, blogs, etc. I’m very fortunate though for the fans who purchased it the first week it was released, were waiting on it, and had positive things to say about it. Guess I’ve reached the point where I’m tired of being “slept on,” discounted, looked over, forgot about, etc. (Sam Cooke Voice:) “I know a change gone come!”… It has too!!! Check out the write up HERE.



Señor Kaos 2011 Year End Wrap Up List via

Normally over here we do a year end up wrap up post talking about our favorite albums, movies, moments, books, etc. We didn’t get a chance to do that this time around. I did however link up Belgium Hip Hop site Platform8470 to discuss things I liked in 2011. Check it out.


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