Bang For OBAMA

In the words of the great Bernie Mac R.I.P…..”I Ain’t Scared of you Mutha****s!

 Where are we at in this world when its a good look to constantly google “the assasination of Barack Obama” is what I’m baffled on?! This has become a trendy search reports Google as it has returned 2,380,000 results and  counting.  Everyone damn near has had this conversation but Sunday the substance showed itself in a physical form.

 A Denver station K-USA TV claims three men are in custody after a routine traffic stop in Aurora(near brother’s get outta dodge Denver) turned up two rifles, high powered scopes, ammo and meth. Yeah smells like a concoction for death right? Hey did you know they just had the Democratic National Convention out there? Well how about that!

US Attorney Troy Eid who is in charge of the case, called the suspects “meth heads” who, because of their drug addiction, were likely not capable of carrying out a plan to hurt Obama.  Oh word? All it takes is a individual with a lil ambition and motivation(insert meth here) and you have a recipe for disater. Sugar coat the situation if you want folks.  Mr.Adolf pictured on the right jumped from a 6 story building to evade capture. That seems like he was ready to ride for his belief to me. When he was arrested, Adolf had a handcuff key in one hand and was wearing a swastika ring, a senior FBI official told the AP.

A KCNC-TV reporter asked Johnson(pictured in middle) whether his friends had made threatening comments about Obama. Johnson replied, “Yeah.”

“He don’t belong in political office or blacks don’t belong in political office,” Johnson said, according to KCNC-TV. “He ought to be shot.”  Yeah buddy isn’t screaming the chant of Change clearly.

I state again. I ain’t scared of you mutha****s!!!  The authorities are downplaying the situation because they already know the business. Many if not most of those searching the terms are worried about assassination, not advocating it right? But if this topic continues to gain attention as we reach the final turn of the campaign, how do you think the media should responsibly cover it? We actively have those that are attempting the assassination manifesting now. Are we gonna ignore the White Elephant in the room or  **clear throat** face the CHAOS head on?


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  • I repeat….I ain’t scared of you mutha****’s!!!

  • dope commentary homie. I really hope Obama has some good ass security man. I think much of the African American community has a deep seeded worry about Obama coming into harms way at some point. That concern is mostly justified seeing as how many of our greatest champions and proponents of significant change regarding race relations in this country have been struck down.

    As much as we would like to think this country has changed for the better there are still some major issues regarding race obviously. I dont even want to think of the backlash this country would face if something were to happen.

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