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The End…Goodbye


In March 2007 I started as a personal Blog for family and friends to keep up with my travels and life. Over time it morphed into a home for my music, as well as music, art, kicks, videos, etc. I felt people should know about. Today as I officially celebrate the 8 year anniversary I am saying goodbye.

As my time has become less limited, spending time with my family and friends in real life has become more important. I’m taking it back analog in a sense, slowing life down to take some time to enjoy all the wonders that I come in contact with on a daily basis. If you are looking for music; will remain the home for all things music related.

In the meantime…Feel free to take some time to browse our archives from the past 8 years.

Well…This is it… The end… at least for now.
Thank You all for riding with me on this journey.

-Señor Kaos


Events: Outkast ATL Show Announced For September 27th


Earlier this year it was announced that Big Boi and Andre 3000 better known as Outkast were reuniting to perform at the Coachella Festival in Cali. Shortly after more and more shows were announced across the U.S. including the Counter Point Festival which is about one hour outside of the city of Atlanta. I actually missed Counter Point due to being out of town, and proceeded to buy tickets in another city to catch Kast. From the beginning I was hoping there would be an Atlanta show (I mean this is the ground zero for Outkast right) but I was in fear that CP would be as good as it gets.

Last week it was announced via Creative Loafing that Outkast would be performing in downtown Atlanta on September 27th in Centennial Olympic Park. Tickets went on sale yesterday morning and sold out in a few minutes. Later a second show was announced for Friday September 26th. Those tickets sold out even faster.

I just learned yesterday about the opening acts that have been added to this show. Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and newcomer Raury who actually just performed his very first show a week ago are set to set the stage for Kast. I must admit I am a little puzzled about the opening acts for this event. Not artist I would necessarily associate with Outkast or think will be able to properly set the stage for the duo… Of course none of that matters if you didn’t get tickets already cause this baby is SOLD OUT and re-sellers are having a field day.

Will a third show be added for Sunday? Stay Tuned…


Don Cannon Named Def Jam VP of A&R


CONGRATS to the big homie Don Cannon who was recently named the VP for Def Jam’s A&R department. I’ve known Cannon for some years now, and he’s always worked super hard and kept himself humble. I couldn’t be more happier to share this news for someone who truly deserves it. I’m sure this is just the beginning, and great things will continue for Def Jam and the Cannon man. Salute my brother. Check the official statement below.

Def Jam Recordings has named Don Cannon VP, A&R, according to a statement by Karen Kwak, EVP, head of A&R, Island Def Jam Music Group. Mr. Cannon will oversee current and new artist projects, and will actively seek out, discover and sign new talent to the label.

Cannon will be based in Atlanta, and will report directly to Ms. Kwak and will work closely with Steve Bartels, president & COO, IDJ Music Group.

“Don Cannon is exactly the kind of multi-faceted producer and modern-day A&R executive who understands the Def Jam mission and culture and where we are headed for the future,” said Ms. Kwak in a statement. “He has already worked with some of our most successful artists, and we look forward to the fresh talent he will bring to the label.”

As a Grammy-nominated DJ and producer “DJ Don” Cannon has worked alongside artists that includes Nas, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Ludacri, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, OutKast, T.I, the Game, 50 Cent and more.

“A music person can only dream about being at Def Jam, the most important hip-hop destination in the world,” Cannon said in a statement. “I’m already working 24/7 to drive the innovation of music forward and I’m confident we’ll land some big successes in the very near future.”

A native of Philadelphia, Mr. Cannon arrived in Atlanta as a student at HBCU Clark Atlanta University. He co-hosted a show on Atlanta’s WHTA Hot 107.9, that helped to popularize the Gangsta Grillz mixtape series, and received Atlanta’s Best DJ award from FOX-TV’s Good Day Atlanta. He later founded Cannon Music, LLC, a full-service production and promotion company. In 2009, he produced the theme for Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Paynes” sitcom. Mr. Cannon also produced season theme songs for the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, and placed Young Jeezy’s “Circulate” in the national Belvedere Vodka campaign. Mr. Cannon has also served as Music Director of Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Shade 45” channel.

Forgot about this joint from like 6 years ago. HA. “Philly In The Building!”


Jay Z Announces New Album Title & Release Date Via Samsung Commericial

If you caught the NBA Finals Game 5 this evening you might saw this Samsung ad spot featuring Jay Z in the studio with Timberland, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, and Rick Rubin. During this 3 minute spot, Hov announced his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” will be coming out on July 4th, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy phone users will get the opportunity to download a special app starting on June 24th, where they will be able to download album for free on July 4th, 3 days before everybody else can download it. SMART, VERY SMART Samsung.

Not sure if your remember SXSW this year, where there was a special concert with Prince & A Tribe Called Quest that only Samsung Galaxy users could attend. Phone companies are using cool in a brand new way to get consumers to purchase their product. Like the end of this commercial says “The Next Big Thing Is Here.”

Looks like Ye will only have a couple of weeks to really get it in, before Jay comes and makes everybody “tuck they whole summer in.” Looks like Summer just got REAL interesting.

Check for more details.


Rest In Peace: Graffiti Legend “Stay High 149″ Passes

Just caught the news this evening that NYC Graffiti Legend “Stay High 149″ has passed away. Stay High is a graffiti Triple OG who always kept his tag simple but effective and got up over several decades. He is one of the few cats who could put a tag up on a wall, and no other dude would dare put a throwie or piece over it. Now that’s clout!

I was honored to meet Stay High back in 2004 when he used to hang around the Frank 151 office. I met him a few times after that as well. One time he laced me with a lil canvas of his “Voice Of The Ghetto” tag that I STILL have hanging in my office till this day! The last time I bumped into Stay High was probably 2008. I laced him with a “Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything” T-Shirt as well as a copy of the new CD. Didn’t realize till later that I caught a picture of him right in front of a portrait of Dondi, another legend who passed way too soon.

Stay High is a true NYC Graffiti Legend. Honored to have a chance to meet the man and shake his hand during my lifetime. The “Voice Of The Ghetto” will be missed. Rest In Peace.


And apparently a Stay High 149 movie was already in the works, I had no idea. Spotted this at Frolab.

Rest In Peace Stay High 149. Gone but never forgotten.


Announcement: Señor Kaos Selected As A Nike Better World Champion In Atlanta, GA


I guess it’s time to make an announcement! I’ve been selected as a Nike Better World Champion for the Atlanta, GA market. Nike Better World deals with sustainability, as well as finding a journey to a better world through sport. As April approaches, there will be some really exciting things I will be working on including Ultra-Endurance Jason Lester’s run from Niketown New York to Eugene, Oregon.

Anyone who knows me or my music, knows I have a passion for making the world a better place. Whether it’s inspiring through my music, mentoring youth at the Boys & Girls Club, or fighting against police brutality, I’ve always believed in doing the right thing.

So needless to say I’m excited to be working with the Swoosh in the capacity of the Better World Ambassador for my city. Stay tuned as I will be blogging about my journey for a Better World.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Limited Edition Re-Press CD of “Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything”

IT’S BAAAAAAACK!!!… For A Limited Time Only


In honor of TheKaosEffect’s 5 year anniversary I’m re-releasing my “Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything” project that was originally released in 2008. The project comes on CD, with slim jewel case. The CD contains 26 tracks including songs produced Kanye West, Johnny Euphonic, Illastrate, Rob Wonder, DJ Unknown and SL One. Oringal artwork designed by Frolab. Order yours by March 29th, and I will even autograph it for you.

To get your copy head HERE


Announcement: Señor Kaos Will Not Be At SXSW This Year


For those that don’t know South By Southwest is a HUGE music festival that happens in Austin, Texas around this same time of year. It caters to just about every genre of music and everyone flocks there to perform, or see some of the new upcoming artists do their thing. Austin is also the coolest city Texas has to offer (no disrespect). There’s what seems like a hundred or so venues that cater to live music, and there’s a bridge you can hit around sunset every evening that thousands of bats live under to see them make their way into the night sky.

I’ve been blessed to attend the festival since 2007 as a spectator as well as a performer. I’ve had some great times, and met some amazing people there as well.

However this year I won’t be making that trek and I wanted to post this since EVERYBODY is blowing up my cell phone today with texts and calls as well as facebook and twitter. Artists and promoters are inviting me to their events, people are asking me where I’m performing etc. I appreciate all the love though, I really do. Wish I was out there rocking with y’all time go round.

I’ve seen some great event lineups including Red Bull Music Academy events and even a Nike event with Nas WOW!

I have SEVERAL friends and fam out there, and if you’re there for the week, make sure you check em out: Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Clan Destined, Lyric Jones, Stanza, 4th Pyramid, etc.

I hope everyone has a GREAT time. Just remember not to get caught up in the hype, take in what new information you can, and do your best to form some real bonds with amazing, interesting people.

Also, remember to apply all the motivation you’ll walk away with to your life, not just the few days you’re away at the festivities. All too often people are only enthused and ‘making moves’ when surrounded by others who are doing the same; the real test is if you can continue to be just as motivated when you”re back in ‘real life,’ surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

Say hello to everyone for me!


Anniversary: The Kaos Effect Turns Five!!!


WOW… 5 years already. Yep this site you are looking at officially turns 5 years old this week. I created TKE back in March 2007 as a way to share pictures and stories from my travels and events. Later on it gave me a platform to share my music, and later on share my thoughts.

Thank you to everybody who has been apart of this journey. A lot has changed in 5 years around here, and I’m blessed to still be here.

Elmo raps about the number 5… Yep, he’s down with us too.


Announcement: The 2012 Red Bull Music Academy Will Be In New York City!!!


The Red Bull Music Academy has toured the world for the past 15 years hitting spots like Rome, Seattle, Toronto, Melbourne, London, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. This year the Red Bull Music Academy will be bringing it back to the U.S. to be hosted in New York City this fall.

The Red Bull Music Academy is open to artists of all genres, musicians, producers, instrumentalists, engineers, DJ’s, etc. Every year 60 people are chosen from around the world to attend the academy. The goal is find musicians who are working to change the musical landscape of today as well as the future. It’s totally FREE to apply, all you have to do is download, print, and fill out the application.

… Why are you still reading this? GO now.. head over to to find out more today. Don’t say we didn’t tell you about it!

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