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Events: Sneaker Friends ATL 2014 Today

For all the sneakerheads out there Sneaker Friends is happening today. Just another excuse to break out some of that heat.



Foot Fetish: Nike x Ricardo Tisci Launch R.T. Air Force One Collection


Nike recently created a collaboration with Givenchy creative director and designer Ricardo Tisci. RT being raised in Italy once had hoop dreams and has been a big fan of the white Air Force One for the past 15 years. So it was a no brainer that RT used Bruce Kilgores AF1 as a canvas to create on when Nike reached out to collab. The Air Force one originally released in 1982 has not only become the best selling shoe of all time, but it’s also shoe that has been used to create a cultural as well as fashion statement.

Ricardo remixed two of the shoes: the AF1 Low & AF1 Mid, and created something completely new with the AF1 Hi & the womens AF1 Boot. Both silhouettes have also been made in white and matching black colorways. Originally released in mid March the shoes were only sold in a handful boutiques in some of the worlds fashion capitals: NYC, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, etc. So many were unable to catch a pair. That is until last week when the shoes were released on on April 11th.

See more pictures below. The collaboration is truly fresh! Taking the old and familiar and remixing it just enough with strong colors and premium materials. Along with that comes with a premium price, so be prepared to break bread as the Air Force One Low starts at $230 and goes up from there.

The white collection is out now, with the black color-ways gearing up for a May release.




Fashion: The Return Of Jogger Pants


Last summer going into fall I a saw the trend of jogger pants starting the build. With brands like Zane Robe and Publish being at the forefront. In the 90′s and 2000′s men wore pants (sweats included) that would typically cover the top of their shoe. With sneaker culture being at an all time high things have been reversed with consumers wanting to show off their kicks more than ever.

Please don’t be fooled though. I heard a young guy state the other day how he liked jogger pants cause they were new. I made sure to let him know that joggers were BIG HUGE in the 80′s and have simply made a comeback. I remember owning a pair of grey ones in 3rd grade. I also remember watching shows like “Saved By The Bell” (Don’t judge me, Lisa Turtle was FINE! Lol) and seeing the colorful and printed joggers.

Like they say… “Things go in cycles.” I will say though the joggers of today are SO much more comfortable and they truly are the most comfortable pair of pants you will be probably own this year. When it comes to Jogger pants I prefer the brand Publish from a comfort, fit, and price standpoint. Check out a recent video from the brand and check your local retailer like Wish in ATL to catch you a pair (If they aren’t already sold out).

Publish | The Jogger Pants Campaign Official Video from Publish Brand on Vimeo.


Fashion: Pharrell Covers April Issue of GQ Magazine


Make sure you check out Skateboard P on the new cover of GQ Magazine. Pharrell speaks on his “In My Mind” LP vs. his latest “G I R L” LP and of course touches on his sense of style including his latest Vivienne Westwood “Buffalo” Hat that has everybody talking lately. Check out a video excerpt below. The April issue of GQ is on stands now.


Food: Styles P Talks Juicing & New Juice Bar


In the late 80′s and early 90′s rappers used their music to spread wisdom. One of the tracks that stands out the most for me is “Beef” by KRS ONE where the Blastmaster discusses how eating cow is bad for your health. I had NEVER heard a message like this until this song. It took some years and more research, but I finally stopped eating Beef and have been cow free for the past 15 years.

In addition to eliminating beef from my diet, I started to get into juicing, which started with a fruit smoothie fascination.

It’s amazing the power that music and artist have to provoke thought, yet all we typically hear and many consumers seem to care about is messages of sex, violence, and drugs. That’s why I was more than thrilled to see Styles P (The Lox) has opened up his own juice bar in NYC and has been making his rounds speaking about the importance of juicing.

In the interview below he talks to the good people at Frank 151 about juicing and why he opened up the “Juices For Life” juice bar. It’s great to see a rapper speaking about being healthy in public again. From listening to music kids know what the latest drug is, how to sell it, how much it cost for a lot of it (Mr. 17.5) but can’t tell you what vitamin C does for the body. Time to reverse this trend.

I’m definitely going to check this place out on my next trip to NYC. If your in the BX you find this spot in Parkchester area at 1026 Castle Hill Ave & Chatterton. The reviews on Yelp look pretty great as well.

Happy Juicing.


Advertisement: Nike Flyknit (Video)

Flyknit was introduced by Nike just before the 2012 London Olympics. The Flyknit Racer & Trainer came first followed by the Lunar Flyknit One, Free Flyknit, and most recently the Flyknit Max (Which are DUMB comfy by the way!). Now Nike has introduced the Lunar Flyknit 2. Over this past weekend the Swoosh launched this new commercial showing all the different variations of Flyknit and how something as simple as spool of yarn can be made into a performance feature for footwear.

The ad features Mr. don’t your mouth about the best, Richard Sherman, Alyson Felix, Ashton Eaton, Mo Farah, Lea Wallace, Jordan Hasay, Brandon Johnson, Evan Jager, and Kobe Bryant who we recently shared designer Eric Avar speaking to the Flyknit laced Kobe 9.

If you missed on TV check it out below.

Head over to to learn more about Flyknit and how you can get your hands on these shoes.



Foot Fetish: Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache Is Back!

Let’s take a sec to think back… The year 1992. Michael Jordan is on his way to winning his second ring, 4 cops are on the way to igniting a riot on the LA streets after video footage of Rodney King is shown on the news, and tennis players were wearing some of Tinker Hatfield’s best trainers.

When I think of the early 90′s so many fond memories of classic Nike sneakers come to mind from Basketball, Running, to Training. One of those classics is the Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache. Although this shoe was championed by Andre Agassi, even the OG John McEnroe was rocking it on the court.

Today the sneaker gods have blessed us, and with Agassi reuniting with the swoosh last year it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more Agassi heat coming soon. But for now, you may want to get out and get your hands on these. They were released today Jan 11th are available where fly kicks are sold as well as


Check out this vintage Nike Ad with Agassi sporting the Air Tech Challenge Huarache.


Foot Fetish: Nike Designer Eric Avar Talks About The New Kobe 9

Nike designer Eric Avar has a track record of designing footwear that is ahead of its time. Don’t believe, take a lot at a shoe like the Foamposite that Avar started working on in the early 90′s and wouldn’t be released until years later in 97. Flywire, Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 aka The Jason Kidd’s, The Glove from Gary Payton, all came thru Avar. He has also worked on the Kobe line since the IV. Gary Warnett recently posted this interview where Avar provides some insight on the Kobe 9. See what he had to say.




Events: Nike Lebron 11|11 Experience


During the last week of October I got the chance to be apart of an amazing event in Miami. The 11|11 Experience, a Nike Basketball brand activation which was created to celebrate the release of Lebron’s 11th signature shoe with the Swoosh.

The event took place is a super cool parking deck on Miami’s, South Beach at 1111 Lincoln Road. The address was play off Lebron’s 11th shoe, and the event took place on the 6th Floor playing off King Jame’s jersey number. This experience turned out to be a great way to showcase Lebron’s decade of dominance and showcase the player through the lens of his footwear.

Over a 3 day span the experience featured a display of Bron’s 11 sneaker versions, a basketball court where you could put the new shoe to the performance test, as well as cross-fit drills, Nike ID design studio, and a wall of heat showcasing some rare and limited versions of the Lebron’s shoes over the past 11 years. Guests were also able to customize Nike Elite socks & T-shirts and were able to purchase not yet released colors of the Lebron XI (Gamma Blue & Forging Iron). Several Miami youth from the Boys & Girls Club as well as Pembroke Pines & Norland High Schools were invited to be inspired by motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

Oh… I almost forgot to mention, King James himself showed up one evening and spoke with Kenny “The Jet” Smith about the new season, new shoe, etc. During the evening celebrities such as Pharell, Terrance J, and Teyanna Taylor attended to show support.

During this activation, Nike Basketball launched a new Lebron commercial entitled “Training Day” which shows Lebron’s influence and connection to the city of Miami.

This was truly an amazing experience, that I was privileged to be apart of. Check Sole Collector for more pics.
The Lebron XI shoe is available in stores now worldwide.


Foot Fetish: Señor Kaos Featured On

Recently the good people from The Shoe Game reached out and asked me about what pair of kicks I regret buying the most. Myself along with several other influencers shared their story of their “worst cop.” Check it out here.


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