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Nike Releases 2 New Colors Of The Nike+ Fuelband & Available At Apple Retailers


Today Nike releases two new colors of the Nike+ Fuelband. In addition to the Black/Steel color that launched early this year, now there’s two new colors known as black ice & white ice. The ice Fuelbands are transparent so you can see the microchips inside. In addition to these new bands being available at Nike stores, Apple retailers are also now selling the Fuelband.

If you remember earlier this year the Nike+ Fuelband was thee hot item to have. It was only sold in two Nike stores in NYC and anybody else that wanted it had to be lucky enough to catch it when the online replenishment came through on Mondays. Now with the widened distribution consumers around the country have more access to the Fuelband. That’s pretty HUGE.

I’ve had mine since about April and I love it. If I forget to wear it, or leave it at home, I’m upset at the fuel points I could be gaining. It’s also cool to compete with friends who have one as well. The Nike+ Fuelband measures your activity during a days time. It turns your movement into “Fuel” and also tracks steps, and calories. Once you know how active you are, you’ll want to be more active and that’s the inspiration behind the Fuelband.

Now that Apple stores are carrying the Fuelband and it may be easier to get ahold of one, will you be copping?

Nike+ FuelBand and Path: A Day with Ndamukong Suh

Suh shows you how to get 6,000 Fuel points. Life is a sport… Make It Count!


Video: Lupe Fiasco – “Bitch Bad”

The homie Chicagorilla put me onto this one. THANK YOU LUPE!!!

This is exactly what Hip Hop needs right now. Hope some of these young kids pay attention to the message in this one.

This is set to appear Lu’s new album “Food & Liquor 2″ coming this fall.


New Music: Señor Kaos – “Never Stop” (Better World Mix) Produced by DJ Eleven


On March 19th, 2012 Nike Ultra Endurance Athlete Jason Lester began The Journey for a Better World in NYC. Over the next 102 days, he has run and biked 4,800 miles across the United States to Oregon to show the world how a Better World starts with sport.

Along the way, he made a stop in ATL on April 13th, where I got the chance to meet him and hear about his journey. I penned a poem entitled “Better Journey” as a surprise to welcome him to Atlanta.

As a result, Jason challenged me to make a song called “Never Stop” which is his mantra. A month later, and several more states into his journey, I FINALLY put together a theme song for Jason called “Never Stop.”

Produced By NYC DJ/Producer DJ Eleven (The Rub), this track is designed to “do good with a vengeance.”

Jason is inspiring the world through sport, as I try to inspire the world through music.

It’s amazing what a little inspiration can do.

Be sure to follow Jason’s journey at:

Señor Kaos – Never Stop (Better World Mix) by señorkaos .


Video: Lebron James “The Ring Maker” Commercial

Like it or not, Lebron James and the Miami Heat are your 2011-2012 NBA Champions! In ALL my life, I’ve NEVER seen a basketball player more hated than King James. I’m not mad at the kid one bit. He left High School with a purpose, to become a champion. Like or not, he got the ring, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The good people at Nike put together this ad spot documenting Lebron’s epic journey from High School. A ring maker notices his skills, and starts working on a championship ring for him while he’s in school. Through the ups and downs, and over the years, he keeps that ring in production until one day Lebron wins and he finishes his creation. Lot of symbolism in here. I like it a lot, check it out.

Congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat on your championship victory.


Events: Nike Better World With Jason Lester @ Nike Running Lenox

On March 19th, 2012 ultra endurance athlete Jason Lester left New York City with one thing on his mind… making it a better world through sport.

Jason Lester has made the commitment to run/bike from New York City to Eugene, Oregon a journey that will take him 102 days and 4,800 miles to complete. Along the way he’s stopping at Nike Retail Stores, sharing how sport inspires hope, instills discipline, raises confidence and rallies communities.

This past Friday, April 13th, Jason Lester made a stop in Hotlanta to visit the Nike Running Store at Lenox Mall. On his way in he was joined by the Cross Country teams of local Atlanta Sutton Middle School and Cross Keys High School. Over 50 young runners met Jason at the 1.82 mile mark on Peachtree Street to greet him with a lil southern hospitality and welcome him to ATL.

As he ran into the mall he was greeted by Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders, Freddy The Falcon (Atlanta Falcons Mascot), Skyhawk (Atlanta Hawks Stunt Mascot), students from the Ryan Cameron Foundation, as well as the staff of the Nike Running Store at Lenox. Signs were made to wave, and noise was made to praise Jason for making his 1,000 mile journey from nyc to atl.

Inside the store, Jason shared his story including losing his right arm in a hit & run car accident as well as his father to a heart attack at 12 years old. He let the audience know that only you can write your destiny, no one else can write it for you. He also spoke about his passion for sport, doing good with a vengeance, how many Nike Fuel points he’s earned so far, and left the city of Atlanta with inspiration and motivation to keep going.

As a Nike Better World Ambassador, I was honored to get a chance to conduct some of the Q&A with Jason as well as share a poem I wrote about his travels entitled “Better Journey.”

The event was truly amazing. On Saturday morning I ran with the Nike Team 1.82 miles south on Peachtree Street to send Jason off. I must say my runners knee kicked in and my knees were SHOT, but it hurt so good to be apart of a once in a lifetime experience. In between all the festivities I snapped a couple pictures, check em out below. If you want to follow the rest of Jason’s journey be sure to visit


Freddy The Falcon x Señor Kaos x Sky Hawk


I had my homie Neil make a sign that said “Ride the bike, run the block.. at the same damn time!” the inspiration came from the recent popular Future song, so on the backside he drew a picture of Me, Future, and Jason Lester. HA.


Nike Running Team holding up signs to greet Jason as he runs into Lenox Mall.


Special Nike Better World T-Shirts were available for purchase during the event.


Nike Ultra Endurance Athlete aka the man of the hour – Jason Lester with Señor Kaos.


Team Swoosh with Jason Lester



Inspirational: The Power Of Music (Video)

And… this hear is why I personally make music. Music is sooo powerful, it can cure a bad mood, cause your body to move, put a smile on your face, and make you few brand new. Check this out…

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era


Inspiration: Jason Lester’s Journey For A Better World


One year ago Nike reinforced the company’s commitment to sustainability in a very public way, releasing the Nike Better World manifesto and “100% Recycled Ads” video. Nike has just launched a new brand site ( The mantra? serve the needs of the athlete and the planet by creating superior performance product with lower environmental impact, and make sport available to all.

Last monday, ultra-endurance athlete, Jason Lester, began the Journey for a Better World. Running/Biking from Niketown New York City to Eugene, Oregon, He will traveling 4,800 miles across the United States over 102 days, relaying the Nike message that a better world starts with sport. Along the way, Jason will be stopping at 39 Nike Stores, sharing how sport inspires hope, instills discipline, raises confidence and rallies communities.

Show your support by joining Jason along the journey and ignite a fire to create one of your own.

Jason will be running into the Nike Running Store in Lenox Mall on Friday April 13th at 3pm. There will be a meet and greet during the afternoon that is open to public. Feel free to spread the word, and stop by with the family to hear about Jason’s journey.

If you not in ATL, you can still Join Nike Better World and Jason throughout his Journey by RSVP’ing to one of his 39 stops along the way.

Want to know where Jason Lester is traveling today? How fast he’s moving? How many Nike Fuel points he’s earned? Then follow for real-time updates.

Also check…
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News: Bo Jackson Bikes Bama To Help Raise Funds


On April 24th, Bo Jackson will begin Bo Bikes Bama, a five-day bicycle trip through tornado-ravaged parts of Alabama to help raise $1 million for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund. Nike is one of a handful of sponsors who will help with this project, along with Trek and CSE, but Bo is also looking for donations as well as fellow riders. Hit the jump for a video detailing Bo Bikes Bama (yes, you could ride bikes with BO JACKSON), and head to to learn more.


Announcement: Señor Kaos Selected As A Nike Better World Champion In Atlanta, GA


I guess it’s time to make an announcement! I’ve been selected as a Nike Better World Champion for the Atlanta, GA market. Nike Better World deals with sustainability, as well as finding a journey to a better world through sport. As April approaches, there will be some really exciting things I will be working on including Ultra-Endurance Jason Lester’s run from Niketown New York to Eugene, Oregon.

Anyone who knows me or my music, knows I have a passion for making the world a better place. Whether it’s inspiring through my music, mentoring youth at the Boys & Girls Club, or fighting against police brutality, I’ve always believed in doing the right thing.

So needless to say I’m excited to be working with the Swoosh in the capacity of the Better World Ambassador for my city. Stay tuned as I will be blogging about my journey for a Better World.


Video: The 411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show Reel 2011

Last month the 411 Brand celebrated their 19 year anniversary. The 411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show was created in 1992 by John Thomas, as a way to bridge the gap between successful individuals and a generation striving to become successful (Youth). Over the years they’ve toured metro Atlanta schools, as well as the U.S., inviting musicians, actors/actresses, etc to share their stories. Some of the past 411 speakers have included: LL Cool J, Notorious BIG, Monica, Outkast, Nas, Jermaine Dupri, Goodie, Mob, Afeni Shakur, Lammon Rucker, Usher, Da Brat and many more.

In honor or 19 years the 411 Brand had a special awards ceremony at the Nike Store in Atlanta, to honor some of the past host who have gone on to do great things within the Atlanta community. The honorees included: Chaka Zulu, DJ Jelly, Ryan Cameron (V-103), Jennifer Walker, and Carol Blackmon.

Check out this video clip documenting some of the greatness the 411 Knowledge & Entertainment show has brought to the youth of the ATL.

I wish they had this when I was kid. Salute to John Thomas and the good people at 411.

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