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Stories: Señor Kaos In Studio with Brooklyn Wildlife (Interview)

During my last trip to NYC I made a trip over to Bushwick Brooklyn (and ended up bumping into emcee Skyzoo on the train) to catch up with the homies from Brooklyn Wildlife. We sat down and talked about the history of Señor Kaos as well as what “The Kaos Effect” LP is about and how it came together.

Check it out…


Make sure you check out Brooklyn Wildlife for other features, music, stories, and BK culture.
Shouts to the homies Chief Justice and Chris Carr. Salute fellas.


Radio: Señor Kaos Interview On WRAS 88.5 FM


This past Sunday night I stopped by WRAS 88.5 (GSU) radio station in downtown ATL to talk to the good ole Weekend Wrecking Crew. I shared a couple stories behind the making of the new album “The Kaos Effect,” what I think about the ATL Hip Hop scene, who I would like to work with, and more. If you missed it, you can check it out right here in it’s entirety. Shouts to Manda Love and Shalom for having me at the station as well as carrying on the torch.


Video: Homeboy Sandman On Toca Tuesdays w/ Tony Touch (Radio)

Homeboy Sandman strikes again! A few weeks back the homie Homeboy Sandman made a stop by DJ Tony Touch’s Sirus 45 Satellite radio show “Toca Tuesdays.” While there he does what he does best: kicks a verse with a smooth but choppy un-authordox flow.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Homeboy Sandmans’ new EP “Subject Matter” available now on Stones Throw Records. If your in Austin for SXSW you can catch Boy Sand rocking the Stones Throw as well as the A3C showcases. Tell him Señor Kaos sent you. BONG!


Video: Stretch And Bobbito Reunite In San Francisco

I was on hand to witness history a few weeks ago in San Francisco. Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia reunited during a few days of Red Bull Music Academy events to highlight the Academy being in New York City this fall. As a BIG fan of the radio show, I was honored to hear stories of the show’s creation, what artist stretch & bob thought were going to be large and in charge, etc.

Check out some pics… then check out some video footage… THEN… listen to Stretch & Bob spin live at Mighty SF on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. WOW! What a way to start 2012!!! Don’t sleep on Red Bull Music Academy.


Presented for your viewing pleasure: Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia of the famed Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show – a/k/a, the greatest hip-hop radio show of all-time! – sit down with our own Chairman Mao for an entertaining and insightful hour-and-a-half interview/lecture at last week’s Red Bull Music Academy “NYC to SF Bay” program in San Francisco. Yup, long-time fans – it’s all covered here: the nervous early days when, as Stretch puts it, “at least 15 people were listening,” the classic freestyles (Big L with Jay-Z; Nas) and world premiere appearances (Wu-Tang; B.I.G.), the 4AM “Krunchtime” snap sessions – even the time a desperate listener called in seeking legal counsel from Bob after allegedly bucking someone down. Also discussed: why the show eventually ran its course (and episodes of playing records the other person wouldn’t like to piss him off), moving on from hip-hop, and how this particular broadcast with all its quirks and mystique will forever represent a classic New York City sensibility. “Eighty-nine tech-nine” 4eva! Spotted at Ego Trip Land.

If you watch towards the end you will see a cameo by yours truly Señor Kaos. I was really just trying to get an answer to a question I always wondered about.

Lecture: Stretch and Bobbito (San Francisco, 2012) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

After the lecture with Chairman Mao, Stretch And Bob rock the party at Mighty SF. Shouts to the homie Rubix who came thru. Dave Chapelle was in the building, a snapped a quick pic of him (Dave doesn’t really like taking pictures) on stage with Bobbito, then I danced until my clothes were sweated out and my knee was killing me! Oh What A Night... check out the audio, broken down into 3 parts below. This audio was recored by the good people at Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Bet you didn’t know Red Bull had a music academy or a radio station… doing BIG things. The station is CRAZY too. Music from various genres, mixes, live performances, interviews, a lot more diverse than the same 8 songs you hear on your local radio all day for sure, check it out.

The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show is the best hip hop radio show of all time, period. Broadcasting out of Columbia University’s WKCR every Thursday night from 1am to 5am between 1990 and 1998, Adrian “Stretch Armstrong” Bartos and Robert “Bobbito” Garcia launched the career of countless MC’s from the East coast, including Nas, The Notorious B.I.G, Big Pun, and Busta Rhymes to name but a few. With their witty commentary, razor-sharp mixing skills and obsessive passion for unearthing the next freshest beat and rhyme in the universe, they had fans around the world on lock and inspired generations of radio hosts to come. Big L and Jay-Z freestyling back to back? Check. Dubplates cut from demo tapes at Sugar Minott’s Brooklyn studio? Check. Legendary on-air phone calls with aspiring rappers? Check. The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show was more than a radio show. It was the epitome of 90s New York rap, the backbone of an industry (without ever being part of the industry), and still ranks as one of the greatest documents of that era. Both Stretch and Bob have long gone on to engage in other ventures, running labels, making movies and of course DJing solo around the globe. In January 2012 though, they reunited for a lecture and DJ set during the Red Bull Music Academy Session in San Francisco. Hear them tear the Mighty SF apart with an impeccable selection of tunes that inspired their show back in the 90s, as well as legendary Bay Area DJ, Shortkut of Invisbl Skratch Piklz and Beat Junkies fame, warming up and paying homage to his contemporaries from the East Coast. – RBMA Radio.


Radio: Señor Kaos Stops By WRFG For ATL Remix Show 11.12.11

After my album release party last Friday night, I stopped by WRFG at 5am to talk about my new album “The Kaos Effect.” I met Boss Bank who was in town from VA repping Rise And Grind. Also Isabel Aurora was in the place. DJ Cisco kicked out sets it off with a Heavy D tribute mix. Check out the pics, then check out the show.


DOWNLOAD: ATL Remix on WRFG Friday November 12

Also check out the ATL Remix on Black


Video: Señor Kaos Featured On Beatminerz Radio Wed 10.19

This past Wednesday I braved the mini tropical storm that was going on in NYC and trooped it out to Bushwick Brookyn to catch up with Crazy DJ Bizarro for Beatminerz Radio. Shouts to Mr. Walt for the invite. The studio that houses the radio show as I learned is also the same place where the Hip Hop classic Black Moon “Enta Da Stage” and countless other joints were made. Was a honor to be sitting in the same place that gave birth some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks.

When I got there Bizarro told me “Your gonna laugh today” and BOY was he right. It started with Dj Esquire’s Phil Collins Vs. Michael McDonald battle.. Afterwards Bizarro took over for Bizarro’s World. Check it out.

I talked about the new album, why I’m in NYC, and Bizarro debuts two new joints for the world to check. I had a great time. Salute to the Beatminerz fam.

Video streaming by Ustream

Big shouts to DJ Evil Dee who always shares the craziest Hip Hop stories when I see him. Before I left DJ Wayne Ski sent me off with a shot of Jamison Whiskey. This was def the best radio interview I’ve done this year. HA.


Video: Señor Kaos On Halftime Radio Show WNYU Oct 19 Via U-Stream

What’s going on party people. I JUST got returned from NYC from the 2011 CMJ Festival. I performed in NYC for CMJ back in 2009 at Public Assembly in Bklyn, I missed 2010, so I was thrilled to be back in the city for CMJ this year.

On Wednesday night I made a stop by WNYU for the Halftime Radio Show with DJ Eclipse, DJ Avee, DJ 3D. Shouts to DJ Skizz, Petey Cologne, Navani, Immortal Technique, Apollo Brown, Miss Al Boogie, and Punchline.

Immortal Technique debuted some new music, Me and Punch kicked some rhymes, Apollo Brown speaks to NYC about what he has going on. Check it out. Video footage via U-Stream.

Congrats to DJ Eclipse who just had a kid recently.

This past Wednesday night I stopped by WNYU for Halftime Radio with DJ Eclipse and special guest DJ’s Avee & DJ 3D.

Video streaming by Ustream


Red Bull Music Academy Radio: Fireside Chat with GURU

One year ago today we lost Keith Elam bka GURU of Gangstarr. In the year since he’s passed there’s a still a lot of mystery surrounding his death, and questions that have yet to be answered. We may never know what really happened. However what we do know is that GURU left us albums and albums of material to digest, dance, or nod our heads too.

In celebration of Guru’s life I wanted to post this rare interview with him speaking on the origins of Gangstarr, why he left Boston for Brooklyn, etc.


(I snapped this picture of Guru at the Gangstarr concert in Atlanta Circa Summer 1999).


Arguably one of the most distinctive and important voices in the history of hip hop, Guru (Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited) is of course best known as the ‘lyrical’ half of the legendary Gang Starr. After the first three Gang Starr albums, Guru launched his solo career with the Jazzmatazz project, which saw him collaborate with the jazz artists that Hip-Hop had previously only sampled. As well as legends like Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd and Bob James, Jazzmatazz 1 and 2 also saw Guru work with Acid Jazz contemporaries such as The Brand New Heavies, which helped this groundbreaking collaborative project reach a huge audience across several different markets.

CLICK HERE: To stream RBMA Radio / GURU Fireside Chat.



Red Bull Music Academy Radio “On The Floor” w/ Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder

At the 2011 Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, Red Bull Music Academy hosted a special “On The Floor” event with Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder. The event took place at the Florida Room inside of the Delano Hotel on South Beach.

Here’s some audio from the live performance with Talib Kweli featuring 9th Wonder on the wheels. ALSO don’t forget the applications for the Red Bull Music Academy are due on Monday April 4th, 2011. FYI RBMA will STILL be happening this fall even if it needs to be moved from it’s original location in Tokyo, Japan. Click Here to check out the official press release.

(Click On Image)


Make sure you check out Red Bull Music Academy Radio to check out the Talib Kweli x 9th Wonder extravaganza as well as TONS of other fresh content of all genres.

Download the applications for the Red Bull Music Academy HERE


Remembering Jax Part 35: Sucio Smash Squeeze Radio Mix 11.4.10

The homie Sucio Smash hooked up a new mix today in honor of Jax (Binkis Recs). The mix features some classic Jax / Binkis Recs joints, as well as new music from myself, Tanya Morgan, El Da Sensei, Willie Evans Jr, J-Live, etc. Check the track list below.



Binkis Recs- Yo Momma
Focus ft. Von Pea, Donwill & Chaundon- Homage To Ali Shaheed
Senor Kaos ft. Homeboy Sandman & Buff1- The Machine
El The Sensei & The Returners ft. Sean Price & Bekay- Everyday in The Street
The Alchemist and Oh No- The Sickness
Doo Wop & Pete Rock- Rhytmatic Explosion
Willie Evans Jr.- SideWalkShit
Spectac ft. Sean Boog- Superman
Reks- Pray For You
Binkis Recs- Me And My Microphone
Binkis Recs- Don’t Do ItAHH
Binkis Recs- Calvary Bounce
Sean Boog- Gettin’ Mine
Co$$- Rock On
Von Pea ft Uzoy – There U Were
Binkis Recs – Money Greens
Shawn Jackson – Make It Reign
Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun ft. Raekwon – Prevail
J-Live – How I Feel Pt.1
JAX – 4This

DOWNLOAD:Sucio Smash Squeeze Radio Mix 11.4.10

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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