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Foot Fetish / Things I’ve Been Sleeping On: Nike Air Lava Dome

So yesterday I was going thru some kicks, trying to clean up around my place a little. And to my surprise I find not 1 but TWO pairs of Nike Air Lava Domes (Navy/Volt/Tan) Colorway. One pair I’ve worn a few times while the other is brand new / mint deadstock condition.

Upon my discovery I got to thinking about all the Fly shoes Nike has released over the years that many have forgotten about. Especially in the 90′s when I started to get into sneakers heavy, great running, training, and basketball shoes became part of the everyday wardrobe even if you didn’t partake in sports. The Nike Lava Domes and Son Of Lava Domes were part tennis shoe and part hiking boot.

The Lava Dome was Nike’s first venture into outdoor footwear. It was designed for running and trekking. These were the first shoes I can personally remember setting the foundation for Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear). While I didn’t do any hiking in them, they were perfect for rocking with a pair of crispy denim in the fall / winter time.

As you can see I liked the Lava Dome’s so much I purchased 2 pair. I also have Lava Domes in 3 other colorways. The pair that was my favorite (Tan/Orange) look like they’ve just came home from the Vietnam War, but every once in a while I’ll still throw them on, dirty and all.


I bought these circa 2002 / 03. Looks like I’m going to have to break these out for the Fall.

I’m NO Sneakerhead. Just a guy with a lot of kicks and stories to match.


Fresh Produce: Things I Need In My Life

Here’s just a few things I need in my life right now. This fitted hat, to match with the kicks below.



“Houston, uhh…we have a problem”

After being banned from The MJQ Cafe on Wednesday nites for “doing a good job”, ATL’s Latin Soul Brother #1, DJ MAFIOSO & The Original Anti Hero Steve DeNiro are brushin’ of tha shoulders as the Barrel Brothers. If you came thru every other Wednesday you know how it was going down. So this Saturday their celebrating their BDAYS in the same fashion, if not better. Mafiloko + Steve DeNiro = PROBLEM // Saturday nite, May 2nd // doors open at 10PM // 21+ // EL BAR (behind EL AZTECA on PONCE) INFO and


Things I’ve Been Sleeping On: Did You Know: Video

Somebody sent me a link to this video last year, and I just got around to actually checking it out. I was amazed by some of the statements it presented. Had to share it with our readers.

This is the 2008 Edition of Did You Know. It was shown at a Sony BMG executive meeting late last year in Rome. Very crazy statistics such as:

* China will soon become the #1 English speaking country in the world.
* The 25% of India’s population with the highest I.Q’s is greater than the total population of the United States
* The top 10 on demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.

PLUS MORE. Check It Out.


Dont Have Cable? No Worries!!!

Shouts to the homie Ken for putting me on to this joint..whos alway lookin out but still can see me on that XBOX live joint. He’ll get beat as bad as Senor did by The Game in Madden! LMAO. But i digress… You can view all sorts of shows on this site HULU. So if you dont have cable.. dont worry about it! Catch your favorite shows on there. Movies too!

Yessir. Detroit Stand Up!!.. aight thats enough.. lol yall can sit back down now. lol :twisted:


R U Ready???

 Last night I was building with my Lil Homie YT about how twisted things are when he dropped a jewel I had been totally naive of.  The North American Union?  Never heard of it? Well that is United States, Canada, and Mexico forming one nation. As we continue to see our American dollar dwindle to less then nothing it is shaping the new currency that will be implemented sooner then we think.  The Canadian dollar along with the Mexican peso is disappearing as well. The new kid on the block will be called the Amero. Heard of that right? Well the report has aired on television but only one reporter spoke on the situation. Lou Dobbs from CNN. This formal agreement has already been signed without the approval of the congress or anyone who resides here. Thats whats really good! You heard of all this right? Perhaps but its not important right now cause you don’t have any petro.  The chance of finding this news out would be far and none. Why? This is all being implemented by the mainstream media so no major publication has plans to discuss this with you.  I understand you wanna know how T.I.’s party was last night and might be waiting for your daily gossip but understand the effects of the RFID chip that is going down.

2005 under the immigration control and the orchestrated war on terriosm passed the Real ID ACT.  This is basically an id card that will hold ALL of your information and will be mandatory to have at all times. The deadline for this was this past May. This is just a small step for the overall plan which is where the RFID chip will be placed insided the card to track you. Okay Banga is bugging right? Have you left the country lately? Look at your passport. It has already been placed inside. The final step will be to physically inplant the chip in the body. As crazy as it all sounds this will be something you will ask for. Not forced upon. I’m out of here folks.  My spaceship is outside. Check the vid!



DC Shoes


I never been a big fan on the DC kicks but these shoes pretty fresh. I might have to pick these up.

Sprint 2 Queens
4038 82nd Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373

175 E 105th St
New York, NY 10029

Shouts 2 NiceKicks


Air Max 95


Dam these kicks is stupid fresh. I cant lie being into Jordans so much I always have slept on the Air Max 95 joints oh well. I’m on the Air Max 97 thought but this colorway is only available in grade school sizes and Nike retailers. (Niketown at Phipps prolly got them)

Shouts 2 kicksonfire I love that site!!!!!!


Things I’ve Been Sleeping On: Caribana: Toronto

Things I’ve been sleeping on: CARIBANA!!!

This past week / weekend marked the 41st anniversary of the Caribana street festival in Toronto, Canada.

“Caribana is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in the city of Toronto – Ontario, Canada. Annually Caribana draws hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the globe to Toronto’s lakeshore. Caribana is a Caribbean Carnival event, that has been billed as North America’s largest street festival, frequented by over 1.3 million visitors each year for the festival’s final parade. The entire Caribana event, brings in over one million people to the shores of Toronto pumping an estimated $100 million into the local economy.” – Source

Would you believe out of 41 years, I still haven’t been to Caribana! LOL. I always say Im going to go every year, but end up swamped with work around back to school time. Luckily our Toronto corespondent Kiran sent over some pics to make me feel like I was there.


I hear this is also a lot safer than the West Indian Festival in Brooklyn, where somebody gets shot everywhere (naw fa real…)

Check out the official pics by clicking on the link below



Things I’ve Been Sleeping On: Kim Kardashian on the cover of Playboy

You can say what you want, but it damn sure isn’t her intelligence that gets my attention! LOL

Apparently this came out at the end of the 2007 – Dec 07 – Jan 08. I guess I been sleeping, cause I missed this one.


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