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De La

On April 19th, 2007  I did an event for Toyota-Scion “Scion Live Metro” with De La Soul performing with live band – “Rhythm Root Allstars” and Dj Hier from Cali. De La Soul is one of my favorite Hip Hop groups of all time!!! There sound and style is timeless, and in the 20 years they’ve been making music, the crew has never broken up and there’s never been any solo albums!!!

The Doors opened at 9pm and by 10 we had a line of nearly 1000 people!!!!  By 10:45 we were at capacity! There were over 500 people who came out, stood in line and did not make inside. The Show was Legandary. Kool DJ Red Alert made a surprise appearance on stage to introduce “A Rolling Skate Jam named Saturdays.” And just when you thought the show was over, none other than Special Ep pops out and performs “I got it made” with a live beatbox from Dres tha Beatnik. Check the pics

The line outside

the line


rhythm root allstars

 Dj Heir

de la 

red alert

 dubelyoo and fabian painting

 special ed

Senor Kaos, Kool Dj Red Alert, and Maseo

group shot

Rubix, Pos (Plug 1), Dave West, and Senor Kaos

group shot

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  • That was a great nite!!!!!!!!!!!

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