EMC Show with Senor Kaos (Vintage Imperial) and Mseize @ Lennys: RECAP

This past Saturday Night April 12th the EMC crew (Masta Ace | Punchline | Wordsworth | and Stricklin) fell threw ATL for a rare live performance. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get them here to perform since last fall when Punch played me some cuts off the album. Was trying to get these guys on the A3C Hip Hop Festival line up which didn’t happen, so Big Shouts to Rock Most for producing this event, and working hard on making it official! I dont know if people really realize, but we dont get a lot of official Hip Hop shows in Atlanta. I was talking to Wordsworth about how he hasn’t performed in ATL since around 2001 when the Lyricist Lounge Tour fell threw here. I jumped on stage first for what I feel like was one of my best shows, the whole thing was fun, everything flowed great! Stay tuned for the You Tube Footage.  The pictures are courtesy of Arnold Barr and Inori.

The Banner outside


It’s Time to Go In!



Jax from Binkis Recs makes a special guest appearance


Senor Kaos and Dj Grandman


Sl One makes a rare live apperance.


I haven’t seen Mseize perform in a long time now, it was refreshing to see them do what they do.



The Big homie J Live feel threw the spot. Check for J Live’s new album entitled “And Then What Happen” dopping in May I believe. I got a chance to hear some of the album, CRAZY!!! Wait till you hear the joint with De La and Oddisee!


J Live and Dj Flo Fader



EMC takes the stage and It’s a Wrap. Masta Ace still looks like its the early 90′s


Punch and Words




And while all this was going down so was Creative Control @ Cenci. ..

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