Event: Red Bull Music Academy x Akai MPC Renaissance Workshop

On Friday April 2nd, I hosted the Red Bull Music Academy x Akai MPC workshop to showcase the new Akai Pro MPC Renaissance. This also served as an opportunity for Atlanta artists to turn in their applications for the 2012 Red Bull Music Academy. It all took place at Tree Sounds Studios with special guest Dan Gill (Akai), Sean C (Producer, Hitmen), and some of ATL’s emerging producers including: DJ Burn One, DJ Pocket, Salem Psalms, Herobust, Groove Chambers, Morgan The Mexican, etc.

The MPC Renaissance is Akai’s new drum machine / work station that has NOT been released for public purchase yet. This event served as a great opportunity for music gear heads to check out the latest and greatest. Even those not into making beats such as myself could learn a new trick or two.

The next day there was a private session held at Patchwerk Studios with the Big Boy producers: Don Cannon, Brian Michael Cox, Jazze Pha, Etc. Producers seem to be pretty excited about the MPC Renaissance. Akai has officially changed the way users will connect with the MPC, now lets see if producers use this device to create a new musical landscape that we can connect with. The future awaits.

My guess is you’ll see the Renaissance make an appearance at the 2012 Red Bull Music Academy sessions in New York City this fall as well.

Check out some pics as well as some video from the 3 Little Digs.


3 Little Digs “First Look” at the Akai Pro MPC Renaissance: Video

Watch as Dan Gill, Product Manager for Akai Pro and legendary producer Sean C visit 3 Little Digs Headquarters to showcase the much anticipated Akai Pro MPC Renaissance as part of the Red Bull Music Academy music workshop series.

Shouts to Mali at Tree Sounds for having us.

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  • Hey people i got a quostien for you.im new to the asr 10 family.i want to know what the scsi zip drive does? can i upload all my flopy disk to it?does it store the sounds on it that way i dont have to be putting a flopy disk at a time? if so whats the maximum zip drive the asr can handle?and whats the zip drive you recomend me to get? thanks in advance and hope someone gets back to me soon.i hope it does store sounds.i hate going trough floppy disk.thanks in advance D-lux

  • Wow! Great thinking! JK

  • I agree entirely, but to some exnett it comes down to trial and error. There’s really no excuse to leave a bad sample sitting where it don’t fit! I think most people will know when something just doesn’t fit in and sounds wack. Instead of leaving it in, people should just get it out there beats and perhaps save for some different beat. In other news, this beat is mad dope. The strings sample reminds me of some Star Wars ish, very dope.

  • Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!

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