Events: Outkast ATL Show Announced For September 27th


Earlier this year it was announced that Big Boi and Andre 3000 better known as Outkast were reuniting to perform at the Coachella Festival in Cali. Shortly after more and more shows were announced across the U.S. including the Counter Point Festival which is about one hour outside of the city of Atlanta. I actually missed Counter Point due to being out of town, and proceeded to buy tickets in another city to catch Kast. From the beginning I was hoping there would be an Atlanta show (I mean this is the ground zero for Outkast right) but I was in fear that CP would be as good as it gets.

Last week it was announced via Creative Loafing that Outkast would be performing in downtown Atlanta on September 27th in Centennial Olympic Park. Tickets went on sale yesterday morning and sold out in a few minutes. Later a second show was announced for Friday September 26th. Those tickets sold out even faster.

I just learned yesterday about the opening acts that have been added to this show. Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and newcomer Raury who actually just performed his very first show a week ago are set to set the stage for Kast. I must admit I am a little puzzled about the opening acts for this event. Not artist I would necessarily associate with Outkast or think will be able to properly set the stage for the duo… Of course none of that matters if you didn’t get tickets already cause this baby is SOLD OUT and re-sellers are having a field day.

Will a third show be added for Sunday? Stay Tuned…

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  • Definitely disappointing opening artists thus far. While I can rock with Kid Cudi and have respect for Childish Gambino because he is from Stone Mountain, I’ll admit I was expecting more.

    I definitely think it was a play for the hipster crowd, who think it’s “cool” to say they’ve been to an Outkast show. When you hear ‘Kast is performing anywhere you get excited and expect to see a dope show no matter who the random ringtown rappers opening for them are.

    When you hear Kast is performing in ATLANTA? Downtown? In Centennial Park? If you’re from the city you expect a Goodie MOB, Attic Crew, Youngbloodz, whole Dungeon Family including Sleepy Brown, Cool Breeze, WitchDoctor, and Killer Mike! I was at the Goodie Mob Reunion show at Masquerade Music Park a few years back and that concert was a thing of beauty. Hope this concert has that vibe times 1,000,000.

    But Anyways, I copped tickets for Friday and hope the opening acts don’t let me down.

    As for the festival dates, I intentionally stayed away from buying those tickets because I knew the crowds would annoy me, because they would not know one damn song.

    This leads me to my last point.

    I really wish there was a way they could prohibit heads who are under 30, heads who have not heard the first 3 Outkast albums, and shit maybe even “White” people all together bruh.

    When I say “White” I don’t mean European descent, I mean the Top 40 crowd who are gonna go to the show and scream because they wanna hear Hey Ya, So Fresh So Clean and Ms Jackson. Ish is disgusting.

    To that point hope to see you out there bruh.

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