Final Season of The Wire coming to a close

Awwwww man!!! After last weeks CRAZY episode (WHICH IM STILL KINDA SALTY ABOUT BY THE WAY), the final season is coming to a close. Things are starting to get crazy and we’re anxious to see how theyre going to end the long running series. Joint got me kind of hype!!! especially after seeing the previews for this weeks episode!!!

Peep the preview below

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  • mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    that last episode had me throwing shit at the tv… but that preview had me wishing i could fast forward till monday [ got that hbo ondemand homie..im a week ahead...well technically my B.F.F. has it...lol]

    That preview is NUTS.. cant wait to see how it all goes down…

  • I gotta watch from Season 1
    Inori help me get up 2 speed

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