Foot Fetish: Nike Air Tailwind + Structure





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  • I’d like either Nadal or Djokovic to win the men’s title. I know Nadal has won it boerfe, but just twice, he has a long way to go till I say enough. I’d rather not see Federer win he has won enough! However, credit where due, he is still good and if he does win it, he will have earned it.However, I don’t like the Williams sisters, full stop. What gets me is this in the women’s, you kind of know it is a given that one or the other will win Wimbledon (OK, Serena probably won’t this year, but still). You kind of know that any other opponent, should they actually make it to the final, doesn’t really stand a chance, no matter how good they play. It would likely be a Williams/Williams final. But with the men’s, it isn’t so clear cut, even with Federer in the mix. He doesn’t get things his own way all the time he has lost finals boerfe. It isn’t a given that he will make it to the finals this year he very well might, he is playing well, but there is Nadal and Djokovic out there too to consider. Maybe Murray, he is capable of beating Federer, he has done so several times.

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