Foot Fetish: Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache Is Back!

Let’s take a sec to think back… The year 1992. Michael Jordan is on his way to winning his second ring, 4 cops are on the way to igniting a riot on the LA streets after video footage of Rodney King is shown on the news, and tennis players were wearing some of Tinker Hatfield’s best trainers.

When I think of the early 90′s so many fond memories of classic Nike sneakers come to mind from Basketball, Running, to Training. One of those classics is the Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache. Although this shoe was championed by Andre Agassi, even the OG John McEnroe was rocking it on the court.

Today the sneaker gods have blessed us, and with Agassi reuniting with the swoosh last year it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more Agassi heat coming soon. But for now, you may want to get out and get your hands on these. They were released today Jan 11th are available where fly kicks are sold as well as Nike.com.


Check out this vintage Nike Ad with Agassi sporting the Air Tech Challenge Huarache.

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