I’ve Got Mail Part 12: Señor Kaos Gets A Nike+ Fuel Band

Can you believe it’s been about two years since I’ve done a “I’ve Got Mail” post? Me neither.


Launched on January 19th, and available for sale on Feburary 22nd, 2012, The Nike+ Fuel Band is a bracelet that measures your activity and turns it into a measurement called “Nike Fuel.” In addition to Nike Fuel the device also shows you the time, steps taken, and calories burned with the touch of a button. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable adjust your settings, set a goal, snap it on your arm and your ready to rock. The Fuel Band is set by your height and weight as well as what type of activity you will be conducting.

The device syncs with the Nike+ website so you can track your progress, compare with the Nike+ community and get extra motivation. Sync it wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free mobile app, or via your computer’s USB port (which allows you to charge it, too).

When this Fuel Band was released it was only available at two Nike retail locations in New York City creating a frenzy online to purchase the device. Since it was produced in limited quantities, the Fuel Band sold out instantly as soon as restocked shipments was announced.

So that explains why here it is in April and I’m just now receiving one. If you were at SXSW this year you may have stopped by the Nike Fuel Band compound where a pop up shop was created to sell the bands, which then granted you access to get in the spot. From what I hear there was all sorts of activities from a dunk contest, to meet & greets, to some crazy performances during the evening.

The tagline for the Nike+ Fuel Band is “Make It Count” #MakeItCount. That means whether you’re walking, running, dancing, biking, working out, playing basketball, running for the subway, stay active and make it count. I’m with that and I’ve come up with my own tagline for the Fuel Band:

Nike+ Fuel Band: Cause bringing light skin brothas back in style #Counts.” … HA. I can’t wait to rock my fuel band at my next show to see how many fuel points I rack up.

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