Jill Scott, Nude!

So Jilly from Philly recently posed nude for Allure Magazine. She’s looking good in this pic!


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  • [...] I know yall seen the post Senor made about Jill Scott posing nude in Allure Magazine, well here is a shot of Gabrielle Union to add to the [...]

  • Is that all? Is that it? Where is the skin?

  • I just want to say. That I love Ms. Jill Scotts style her music is wonderful. I can never get enough of reading about this beautiful passionate artist. I think this picture stands for freedom. Free to be who she wants to be. I believe that is a beautiful black sister who has been thru alot. Who deserves to be always encouraged to keep pushing forward and never let anything get her down or in her way. She has re-invented herself and she should be proud of who she is. Whether it is the way she look before or the way she looks now. She has always been beautiful and very talented. I also love the movies she has played in. Can’t get enough keep doing what you do girl you are Awesome!!

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