Ms. Alaska Runner Up?


Does McCain take the American public’s intellect for granted? Should McCain die while in office (he’s 72 years old), is his choice for VP prepared to assume office and lead this country? Is she experienced? I mean that has been the argument made about Obama. I think the move was so transparent I am becoming disheartened

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  • I think McCain definitely takes the awareness of political issues/involvement, identification with Obama’s issues and implementation strategies, and the overall intellect of Americans for granted. I think he is completely obilivious to the actual change that has all ready occured with more active and consistent citizens eager to be involved, research, and discuss the issues and the impact in everyday life. To say the least, McCain ideals and methodologies are outdated, ineffective, and are 90% parallel with the past eight years of treacherous and ineffective leadership! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBAMA!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Oh and with regard to the woman Senator from Alaska…who is he trying to fool?! He is trying to get all of the votes that Hillary would have otherwise had! Who is this woman anyways?! What’s her track record and what REAL contribution(s) are we expecting for her to bring to the table??! Its’ a darn smoke screen! He’s playing politics at is dirtiest level…disception and corruption that you don’t even need but one of three eyes to see…ya mean?!

  • Tell ‘em why you mad son!!!


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