News: Man Murdered In Maryland Over Nike Air Foamposite Sneakers

I first heard about this via Twitter then spotted the news clip via The Shoe Game. A young man was murdered (stabbed to death) on a Hyattsville Maryland street, and robbed for his Nike Air “South Beach” Foamposites.

The DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) is known as Nike Boot and Foamposite territory (The two types of shoes are extremely popular in the area). It’s one thing to look fresh and feel good about your self while wearing expensive clothing. It’s another thing when your clothing is so exclusive that it makes people envious and conspire illegal things to take it from you. This is a real tragedy, a young life lost over something so trivial.

This reminds me of back in the late 80′s and early 90′s where kids in Chicago, New York, etc. were getting beat badly, shot, and stabbed for new air Jordans and Starter jackets.

A young life has been lost. Would be great to see the Nike brand take some sort of corporate community responsibility. Put out more “Supply” so careless acts of violence wont be in such “Demand.” … These are just my thoughts.

(shoes retail for around $200, resell price via Ebay can bee anywhere from $300 and higher).

Everything is all good until you die for your kicks. May the young man rest in peace. TKE sends our prayers to his family.

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