Video: Sean Price – “Bar-Barian”

New video from Sean Price for the song “Bar-Barian.” You can catch this and more foolishness on his latest LP “Mic Tyson” which is out now.

Spotted at Jay Force.


Video: 2013 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest

DOUG ANDERSON IS A BEAST!!! Nuff Said. He beasted the dunk contest so bad this year, they don’t even show the other dunks in the highlights. “Don’t believe me just watch!”

Thursday night at GA Tech’s newly opened Basketball stadium, Detroit’s Doug Anderson astounded the crowd with an amazing mix of dunks. Add on too that, HE DID NOT MISS ONE DUNK!! Truly, this was better than the NBA Slam Dunk contest. Can’t wait for D.A. to get drafted so we can see him light it up for All Star Weekend. Also check the footwork, Anderson rocks Jordan Cement 3 Retro’s for the occasion. The same kicks MJ won his 2nd slam dunk title in Chicago wearing over “The Human Highlight Film” Dominique.

This kicks off NCAA Final Four Weekend in ATL. Tons of concerts, games, and festivities. What you planning on getting into?


Video: N.O.R.E. aka Papi Feat. Large Professor – Built Pyramids

Two Queens legends who have never worked together. Well… I guess it’s better late than never. New joint from N.O.R.E. who is officially calling himself Papi… I think I’ll stick to calling him NORE for a while. Lol. Large Pro on the track and it’s called “Built Pyramids.” If I was from Queens, this would be my anthem right now.


Video: Raekwon Feat. AZ & Altrina Renee – 86

Been jamming to this joint for the past few weeks now, just caught the video, thought I’d share. Rae and AZ, can’t go wrong there… Check it out.


NEW MUSIC: Yamin Semali Featuring Señor Kaos – “Never Leave” – Señor Mix


Well it’s almost April and it’s freezing cold in most of the U.S. No worries, here’s some new heat just in time to kick off your weekend.

I recently teamed up with long-time friend and fellow ATL Emcee/DJ/Producer Yamin Semali (Clan Destined) for a special remix. The track “Never Leave” along with it’s amazing video have been taking the internet and streets by storm. Infectious melodies, hard hitting drums, and clever lyrics are hard to deny.

I’ve known Yamin since we were both teenagers making a name for ourselves in the ATL underground Hip Hop scene. He’s an amazing artist, and it’s always a honor and a pleasure to work on music with someone who truly care’s about their craft.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself…

Make sure you check you Yamin’s latest LP entitled “Yamin” today. Also if you’re in the ATL area, make sure you check out Yamin Semali performing tomorrow night along with Killer Mike at Terminal West.


New Music: Mr. Len “The Marvels Of Yestermorrow” LP


Make sure you check out Mr. Len’s (Company Flow) new instrumental LP “The Marvels Of Yestermorrow” available now via High Water Music & War Media. Available on ITunes & Amazon.

Check out the first single “Ultra Shave Kit” below.

The Marvels of Yestermorrow, the new instrumental EP produced by visionary producer Mr. Len, is a trip into yesterday’s future via the technology of today. Each track showcases a product and acts as both advertisement and manual. The hip hop and funk nature of this project demonstrates the latest creative direction of the critically acclaimed producer and DJ while simultaneously beckoning back to Mr. Len’s days with Company Flow and their “Little Johnny From the Hospital” release. The wit and boom bap of the EP is sure to please the head and neck. And should you hurt yourself? Well we’re sure there’s a LenCo robot that will fix that.


1. Behold The Marvels
2. The Diaper Change-o-Matic
3. Ultra Shave Kit
4. A Lil Help
5. Automated Love Hole
6. Decide-a-Tron 833
7. LenCo Tips and Recommendations
8. Lullabot
9. The LenCo Seal of Approval


Television: Killer Mike Performs “Untitled” On David Letterman

Earlier this evening Adamville’s finest Killer Mike performed on Late Night with David Letterman and brought El-P and Scar along for the ride. TV just got good again. In case you missed it, check it out here.

What up DJ Trackstar… I see you back there!

Spotted at 2BZ

If you haven’t yet, make sure you pick up that R.A.P. Music LP which was released last summer.


Video: Yamin Semali – “Yamin”

New video from one of ATL’s finest. Some of you may know him as Amdex, one half of Clan Destined, or even from the VJC – Vinyl Junkies Crew. But today you can just call him “Yamin.”

“We might not know where to go, what to say or what to show, but there’s one thing that we know… And that’s just who we are!”

Make sure you purchase Yamin’s new album as well, it’s worth every cent!


News: Nike Basketball Now Open In Lenox Mall (ATL)

Nike just opened it’s first basketball brand experience retail space in ATL. Formerly the Nike Running Store in Lenox Mall, the store is now called “Nike Basketball” and opens just in time for March Madness and the 2013 Final Four which will be held in Atlanta next month. The space officially opened on March 15th with re-stocks of the Jordan Fire Red 5, Fighter Jet Foamposite, Jordan Thunder IV’s. News of the store opening spread quickly around the internet and by Friday morning nearly 100 people where lined up at it’s doors get a glimpse of the sight as well as to see what product would be in stock.

In addition to footwear, the store also carries plenty of Nike basketball college apparel, signature athlete footwear & apparel, a Nike I.D. studio where consumers can customize then order products, and even a Fuelband station in the center of the store. One of the things I thought was really cool is the wall when you enter the store. It’s shows you a history of Nike Basketball and does a great job of celebrating where the brand has been. When you reach the end of the wall it says “Create Your Future” and the world of Nike Basketball is at your palms. There’s also a chandelier made of Nike Basketballs hanging from the ceiling.

If you’re in Atlanta or planning to make a trip here in the near future, definitely stop by Nike Basketball in Lenox Mall to check it out. Basketball Never Stops!



Events: Prince & A Tribe Called Quest Secret Show @ SXSW


YEP! You read that right.

The South By Southwest (SXSW) music conference always has a few major surprises, but this year fans will get a rare treat as the legendary Prince is slated to headline an exclusive concert. This Saturday (March 16), Prince will close out Samsung’s SXSW festival and bringing along Hip-Hop legends A Tribe Called Quest for the ride, too.

The event is taking place at La Zona Rosa in downtown Austin as part of an innovative marketing strategy from Samsung. A randomly selected group of 250 Samsung users that participate in the tech company’s “Samsung Galaxy Experience” at the festival will get a chance to witness the iconic musician live. Attendees who have the coveted (and expensive) Platinum and Music badges for the festival will also gain exclusive entry to the private party.

CRAZY right?

Word is Prince will also be accompanied by a 22-piece band and will have a special stage remolded just for his show. Also hearing the rumble of Tribe on the road later this spring as they join the massive lineup for Yahoo’s On The Road tour featuring Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Nas and plenty others.

Looks like I’m gonna miss the show in Austin, but I’ll be looking forward to catching the Yahoo show for sure. Looks like brands are upping their budgets again. Let’s see what’s happens in 2013.

Read more at Hip Hop Wired

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