New Music: Mr. Len “The Marvels Of Yestermorrow” LP


Make sure you check out Mr. Len’s (Company Flow) new instrumental LP “The Marvels Of Yestermorrow” available now via High Water Music & War Media. Available on ITunes & Amazon.

Check out the first single “Ultra Shave Kit” below.

The Marvels of Yestermorrow, the new instrumental EP produced by visionary producer Mr. Len, is a trip into yesterday’s future via the technology of today. Each track showcases a product and acts as both advertisement and manual. The hip hop and funk nature of this project demonstrates the latest creative direction of the critically acclaimed producer and DJ while simultaneously beckoning back to Mr. Len’s days with Company Flow and their “Little Johnny From the Hospital” release. The wit and boom bap of the EP is sure to please the head and neck. And should you hurt yourself? Well we’re sure there’s a LenCo robot that will fix that.


1. Behold The Marvels
2. The Diaper Change-o-Matic
3. Ultra Shave Kit
4. A Lil Help
5. Automated Love Hole
6. Decide-a-Tron 833
7. LenCo Tips and Recommendations
8. Lullabot
9. The LenCo Seal of Approval


Television: Killer Mike Performs “Untitled” On David Letterman

Earlier this evening Adamville’s finest Killer Mike performed on Late Night with David Letterman and brought El-P and Scar along for the ride. TV just got good again. In case you missed it, check it out here.

What up DJ Trackstar… I see you back there!

Spotted at 2BZ

If you haven’t yet, make sure you pick up that R.A.P. Music LP which was released last summer.


Video: Yamin Semali – “Yamin”

New video from one of ATL’s finest. Some of you may know him as Amdex, one half of Clan Destined, or even from the VJC – Vinyl Junkies Crew. But today you can just call him “Yamin.”

“We might not know where to go, what to say or what to show, but there’s one thing that we know… And that’s just who we are!”

Make sure you purchase Yamin’s new album as well, it’s worth every cent!


News: Nike Basketball Now Open In Lenox Mall (ATL)

Nike just opened it’s first basketball brand experience retail space in ATL. Formerly the Nike Running Store in Lenox Mall, the store is now called “Nike Basketball” and opens just in time for March Madness and the 2013 Final Four which will be held in Atlanta next month. The space officially opened on March 15th with re-stocks of the Jordan Fire Red 5, Fighter Jet Foamposite, Jordan Thunder IV’s. News of the store opening spread quickly around the internet and by Friday morning nearly 100 people where lined up at it’s doors get a glimpse of the sight as well as to see what product would be in stock.

In addition to footwear, the store also carries plenty of Nike basketball college apparel, signature athlete footwear & apparel, a Nike I.D. studio where consumers can customize then order products, and even a Fuelband station in the center of the store. One of the things I thought was really cool is the wall when you enter the store. It’s shows you a history of Nike Basketball and does a great job of celebrating where the brand has been. When you reach the end of the wall it says “Create Your Future” and the world of Nike Basketball is at your palms. There’s also a chandelier made of Nike Basketballs hanging from the ceiling.

If you’re in Atlanta or planning to make a trip here in the near future, definitely stop by Nike Basketball in Lenox Mall to check it out. Basketball Never Stops!



Events: Prince & A Tribe Called Quest Secret Show @ SXSW


YEP! You read that right.

The South By Southwest (SXSW) music conference always has a few major surprises, but this year fans will get a rare treat as the legendary Prince is slated to headline an exclusive concert. This Saturday (March 16), Prince will close out Samsung’s SXSW festival and bringing along Hip-Hop legends A Tribe Called Quest for the ride, too.

The event is taking place at La Zona Rosa in downtown Austin as part of an innovative marketing strategy from Samsung. A randomly selected group of 250 Samsung users that participate in the tech company’s “Samsung Galaxy Experience” at the festival will get a chance to witness the iconic musician live. Attendees who have the coveted (and expensive) Platinum and Music badges for the festival will also gain exclusive entry to the private party.

CRAZY right?

Word is Prince will also be accompanied by a 22-piece band and will have a special stage remolded just for his show. Also hearing the rumble of Tribe on the road later this spring as they join the massive lineup for Yahoo’s On The Road tour featuring Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Nas and plenty others.

Looks like I’m gonna miss the show in Austin, but I’ll be looking forward to catching the Yahoo show for sure. Looks like brands are upping their budgets again. Let’s see what’s happens in 2013.

Read more at Hip Hop Wired


Movies To Check For: Iceberg Slim “Portrait Of A Pimp”

Been a minute since I left you with a movie to check for. Just found out, there’s a documentary about legendary pimp & author Iceberg Slim being shown in Atlanta. Directed by Jorge Hinojosa and produced by Ice T the film features interviews from Katt Williams, Birdman, Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, and more.

There will be a screening via Atlanta Film Festival for the film this Tuesday 3.19 @ Plaza Theater on Ponce De Leon Ave. Check the flyer below for all the info.


Here’s a look at Beyond Cinema with Jorge Hinojosa and Ice T speaking about the movie. Check it out.


Video: Rock Most Feat. Clan Destined – “Kill The Feed”

Latest video from ATL emcee, DJ, and producer Rock Most. Track is called “Kill The Feed” and also features ATL’s own dynamic duo Clan Destined.

While this track appears on his last project “Rise And Shine,” Rock Most will be releasing a new EP entitled “RMFM – The Spring Collection” on April 3rd. f you’re in the city of Atlanta you can catch Rock Most DJing at the Glenwood (East Atlanta) on 3.22 and catch him perform at his annual Birthday Bash concert on Friday April 5th @ 529 EAV.

In the meantime check out the video, and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out for more as well.


The Notorious B.I.G… 16 Years Later

Today March 9th, 2013 marks 16 years to the day that the Notorious B.I.G. was murdered in LA. Leaving a huge void in the life of his family as well as the Hip Hop community.

A lot of people always say “why do we celebrate the day people die more than their birthday?” That’s a GREAT question. As far as our celebrities, I think the reason why is, we weren’t there when they were born, but we were there when they passed, and we remember the effect it had on us personally.

Even though the Notorious B.I.G. technically only released ONE album before his death (his second LP was released 2 weeks after his death) he created a LOT of hits and classic tracks that still are loved and played heavily till this day. One can only imagine where and what Biggie would be doing today if he were still alive.

So today especially, as I do in May (when his birthday is) I play Big’s music wherever I’m at un-apologetically loud! I suggest you do the same.

We still miss you B.I.G… R.I.P.

Here’s some rare footage of Biggie, and Puff Daddy performing in London from Tim Westwood. This was captured during a BBC Radio event in London circa 1995


Events: Nike Black History Month 2013 Event Recap (ATL)

On Saturday February 23rd, 2013 Nike hosted a day of service in celebration of the 37th annual Black History Month with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Metro Atlanta organization. Three Atlanta based athletes who were rebels in their sport as well as game-changers in their community were selected to inspire the youth and enable with a purpose. Anson Carter (NHL), Fred McCrary (NFL), and Warrick Dunn (NFL) spoke to a room of BBBS “Little’s” about what it means to “Be Bold. Be True.” They also shared stories of their past, and the obstacles they’ve overcome to achieve their goals.

In addition Nike Sportswear Senior Footwear Designer Jonathan Johnson-Griffin was also in attendance to speak about his journey as an African American designer, as well as the inspiration behind the 2013 Nike Black History Month footwear and apparel collection.

The event was hosted by WXIA 11 Alive’s Sam Crenshaw and took place at the Big Brothers Big Sisters midtown headquarters nicknamed “The House.” Exclusive Nike “Be Bold. Be True.” T-shirts were given out to youth in attendance.

This was a great event. Thanks to everybody who helped make this happen. Always remember influence and inspiration is important for our youth.


L to R: Anson Carter, Warrick Dunn, Jonathan Johnson-Griffin, Fred McCrary


Señor Kaos warming up the crowd


JJG and a piece of the Nike 2013 BHM footwear & apparel collection designed by Jonthan Johnson-Griffin


Former Atlanta Falcon Warrick Dunn


Señor Kaos, Anson Carter, Warrick Dunn, Janice McKenzie-Crayton, Alicia Willis, JJG, Fred McCrary, Christian Weaver



Foot Fetish: Lebron X Cork Release Event @ Wish


This past weekend Nike footwear designer Jonathan Johnson-Griffin made it a trip to ATL for the Nike Black History Month event I put together. It just so happens the event date landed on one of the biggest footwear release dates this year. The release of the Cork Lebron X. I helped put together an in-store with the good people at Wish ATL and the rest as they say… is history.

It was really amazing to pull up to Wish on Saturday morning and see over 100 heads lined up in the freezing cold (cold for ATL) with the hopes on getting their hands on a pair. JJG signed boxes of the shoe’s for those lucky enough to secure a pair.

He’s a really, really cool guy. It was great to have him in ATL during such a monumental release. Shouts to Frank and good people at Wish & Nice Kicks. To so more pics from the event click here.

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