Video: Lupe Fiasco “Sway In The Morning” Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco recently stopped by Sway’s satellite radio show and showed why if he’s not one of your favorites, he should be. When Sway asks: “You going to kick a written or a Freestyle?” Lu responds with “when people say freestyle, I freestyle!”

The act of “Freestyling” or creating lyrics and wordplay off the top or your head is a talent and skill many so-called emcee’s don’t posses. When done correctly it can create excitement and leave you hanging on to what the next words or phrase will be. Lupe definitely not only did that, but he held it down for 4 minutes and got busy!

Check it out below. Lu just dropped a new track called “Mission” as well. New album coming soon? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



Movies To Check For: “Blacking Up: Hip Hop Remix of Race”

Atlanta Cyclorama Screens Blacking Up: Hip-Hop’s Remix of Race and Identity.
There is a special screening of this documentary tonight at the Atlanta Cyclorama in ATL. Possibly the only time you’ll get to see it on the big screen. Early arrival is suggested.

African American and Latino youth created Hip-Hop more than thirty years ago. The reasons were varied but were partially in response to racial oppression, economic marginalization, and as a means of expression and a way to talk about their culture and their lives. The genre is now embraced by youth the world over and has become part of mainstream youth culture in the United States.

From Cyclorama:

“As we continue our commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War’s Battle of Atlanta we hope to expand the discussion of how the changes that occurred as a result of that war changed the course of our country and our people,” states Camille Russell Love, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. “In dealing with racial issues and economic challenges, it’s interesting to look at how different groups express themselves through art and music. Join us at the Atlanta Cyclorama for a free screening of the documentary Blacking Up: Hip-Hop’s Remix of Race on June 5 at 7 pm as we explore the Hip-Hop culture.”

Click Here For More Info (more…)


Cool Execs: Señor Kaos Interview with Rolling Out


I recently sat down with the good people from Rolling Out Magainze to discuss Brand Marketing. Check out the full story HERE and shouts to Rolling Out for showing love to the kid.


Movers And Pacers Run Club


Back in November 2013 I started a weekly group run with a few friends in the city. The idea then was the same as it is now: Providing a place where some of ATL’s movers and shakers can meet weekly to run together. The goal: to encourage the running habit. Promoting health & wellness as well creating another networking opportunity.

The crew meets up every Sunday evening at 8pm at Central Park in Atlantic Station. We run 3.2 miles around midtown. Feel free to join us. Follow the journey socially at @MoversAndPacers on Instagram and Facebook.


Video: Pharoahe Monch – “Rap Life” Produced By Diamond D

Pharoahe Monch comes to ATL to get a taste of the rap life. The latest video for “Rap Life” is produced by Diamond D who also makes a cameo and drops a couple bars on the track as well. Filmed on location in ATL the video was filmed and directed Deacon The Villian & Amond Jackson. Rap Life is taken from Diamond’s forthcoming LP “The Diam Piece.”


Events: Spinderella & Monie Love In ATL

Spinderella DJing with Monie Love on the mic hosting this Saturday @ 595 North in ATL. Nuff Said.



Mixtape Mondays: Mick – “Greetings Earthing” Outkast Rarities Remixes Mixtape

Man… It’s already Wednesday! I working on getting this posted for you guys this past Monday, but time flies. Either way, if you haven’t heard this yet, it’s a treat so check it out.


In honor of the Outkast reunion and concert at Coachella this past weekend. DJ Mick (formerly Mick Boogie) put together a special collection of rare tracks and remixes. If you’re looking for the greatest hits mix, this ain’t that! A true treat for any real Kast fan though. So check it out now and thank me later… BREAK!

Download Link

Click Here To View Tracklist: (more…)


Foot Fetish: Nike x Ricardo Tisci Launch R.T. Air Force One Collection


Nike recently created a collaboration with Givenchy creative director and designer Ricardo Tisci. RT being raised in Italy once had hoop dreams and has been a big fan of the white Air Force One for the past 15 years. So it was a no brainer that RT used Bruce Kilgores AF1 as a canvas to create on when Nike reached out to collab. The Air Force one originally released in 1982 has not only become the best selling shoe of all time, but it’s also shoe that has been used to create a cultural as well as fashion statement.

Ricardo remixed two of the shoes: the AF1 Low & AF1 Mid, and created something completely new with the AF1 Hi & the womens AF1 Boot. Both silhouettes have also been made in white and matching black colorways. Originally released in mid March the shoes were only sold in a handful boutiques in some of the worlds fashion capitals: NYC, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, etc. So many were unable to catch a pair. That is until last week when the shoes were released on Nike.com on April 11th.

See more pictures below. The collaboration is truly fresh! Taking the old and familiar and remixing it just enough with strong colors and premium materials. Along with that comes with a premium price, so be prepared to break bread as the Air Force One Low starts at $230 and goes up from there.

The white collection is out now, with the black color-ways gearing up for a May release.




Video: Outkast BACK! Full Coachella Set


On New Years Day 2014 one of my friends wrote on Facebook “All I want this year is to see Outkast perform live!” Starting in November 2013 there were rumors that duo was getting back together in the new year specifically for Coachella. Sleepy Brown even posted something on Instagram hinting to the reunion, and soon after removed the update from his page.

Then a week into the new year it was official. Big Boi & Andre 3000 would not only be getting back together to celebrate their 20 year anniversary with a show at Coachella, they would also be doing a string of festivals this summer around the country. This is every true Outkast’s fan dream come true right? I mean it’s only been 7 years, which has felt like a decade in the fast pace landscape of life these days.

Well for those couldn’t make it to California for Coachella, including myself, thanks to the good ole Internet you could of watched the live stream last night online, OR… You can watch the full show below.

Outkast will be playing in Georgia at the Counterpoint Festival during the weekend of April 25-27. There is also rumor going around about them playing at the Mad Decent Block Party in ATL this summer, which I’ve heard from a reputable source is false. As of now they will only be appearing on the Denver, Colorado date in August.

Alright… enough text, below is what you really want to see, so check it out. Am I the only one that finds it odd Dre is walking around with a corded microphone? Other than bad sound, there’s nothing more restricting to artists performance on a large stage than a cordless mic. And seems like the stage lighting was very dark throughout their set. Let me know what you think of the set. Do you have tickets booked to see Outkast this summer?

Spotted at TSS.


Events: “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool” Tomorrow 4.10


Some of ATL’s finest producers will be on display tomorrow night. When visual arts meets Hip Hop it equals, “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool’- The Ultimate Photographic Voyage Through the Producer’s Hiphop Expressionism

As a photographic account on Hip Hop Expression, this exhibit displays a keenly concocted photo- documentation, featuring 7 of Hiphop- Atlanta’s favorite groundbreaking sound- engineers: Amond Jackson, Illastrate, Yamin Semali (Clan Destined), DT (Left Field Experiment, Clan Destined), King I Divine, Rock Most (MSEIZE) and Floyd The Locsmif.

Admission is free, there will also be treats and music provided by some of ATL’s finest: DJ Rock Most, Yamin Semali and Floyd The Locsmif. The event kicks off at 7pm @ Department Store 467 Edgewood Ave.

Founder and creator Rim G says: “My ambition with this exhibit is to reach into the audience, and bring about an insight to the engineers’ personalities in the studio and out of session. Sound to me is more than what you can hear; it transcends to embody the producers themselves. I really just aimed to make people remember the classic definition of “TruSkool” in the Hiphop context– the fresh and infinitely authentic. I took that and applied it to the project because everything about it is original. It’s Hiphop, and the culture does not discriminate nor does clearly distinguish the visual from the musical. They are together, meshed as one flowing force, as the visual promotes the sonic, and the sonic in turn stimulates the imagination.”

Click HERE to learn more about Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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