Fashion: The Return Of Jogger Pants


Last summer going into fall I a saw the trend of jogger pants starting the build. With brands like Zane Robe and Publish being at the forefront. In the 90′s and 2000′s men wore pants (sweats included) that would typically cover the top of their shoe. With sneaker culture being at an all time high things have been reversed with consumers wanting to show off their kicks more than ever.

Please don’t be fooled though. I heard a young guy state the other day how he liked jogger pants cause they were new. I made sure to let him know that joggers were BIG HUGE in the 80′s and have simply made a comeback. I remember owning a pair of grey ones in 3rd grade. I also remember watching shows like “Saved By The Bell” (Don’t judge me, Lisa Turtle was FINE! Lol) and seeing the colorful and printed joggers.

Like they say… “Things go in cycles.” I will say though the joggers of today are SO much more comfortable and they truly are the most comfortable pair of pants you will be probably own this year. When it comes to Jogger pants I prefer the brand Publish from a comfort, fit, and price standpoint. Check out a recent video from the brand and check your local retailer like Wish in ATL to catch you a pair (If they aren’t already sold out).

Publish | The Jogger Pants Campaign Official Video from Publish Brand on Vimeo.


Boondocks Season 4 & Questions For Aaron McGruder


There’s one thing not many people know about me. I don’t watch very much TV, and when I say not very much, I really mean little to none. I only really watch sports, award shows here and there, and an occasional TV show when I find one I really like. The Boondocks since day one has been one of those shows THAT I REALLY LIKE! The mix of satire, cultural relevance, and the fact that the program has been on the forefront of predicting several social trends makes it the best show on television in the past 10 years for me.

If you’ve been in these ATL streets lately, you’ve probably seen one of the several Boondocks murals in promotion of the new season 4 which kicks off on April 21st @ 10:30. I heard sometime last year from a source at Cartoon Network that Boondocks would definitely be returning for a 4th season. What I, or rather nobody knew was that founder and creator Aaron McGruder was going to be stepping down from the show.

This news announced last week leaves me a lot of confusion and even more questions. In a statement AM says:

As the world now knows, The Boondocks will be returning for a fourth season, but I will not be returning with it. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Sony and Adult Swim for three great seasons.
I created The Boondocks two decades ago in college, did the daily comic for six years, and was showrunner on the animated series for the first three seasons. The Boondocks pretty much represents my life’s work to this point. Huey, Riley, and Granddad are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind.
To quote a great white man, “Hollywood is a business”. And to quote another great white man, “Don’t hold grudges”.
What has never been lost on me is the enormous responsibility that came with The Boondocks – particularly the television show and it’s relatively young audience. It was important to offend, but equally important to offend for the right reasons. For three seasons I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been simply unacceptable.
As for me, I’m finally putting a life of controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK JESUS.

Okay so here’s what I’m confused about:
Doesn’t Aaron McGruder OWN the Boondocks. I mean he did found and create it right? So how are you stepping down from something you created. I mean that’s possible right. Russell stepped down from Def Jam, but when he did he announced he SOLD it.

Has the Boondocks been sold to Cartoon Network? With McGruder stepping down, who is stepping up? And if AM didn’t have anything to do with season 4, why wasn’t this news released before the creation of season 4?

McGruder hints at a new show “Black Jesus” that will be featured on the same Cartoon Network station as the Boondocks. If the network didn’t give complete creative control and freedom with the Boondocks, does Aaron really expect to get that with his new program?

Some of this story just isn’t making sense too me.

Futhermore… Deep down, I’m hoping this is all apart of a marketing scheme to continue building the buzz for the premier of season 4, and all questions will be answered soon enough. I guess we’ll see right?

Below is the trailer for Season 4 if you haven’t seen it yet. Shouts to the homie Killer Mike who’s voice you’ll hear in here. Monday April 21st (Boondocks has moved to Mondays WTF?) 10:30pm it all goes down.

What do you think of Aaron McGruder stepping down?


Movies To Check For: “Jumpshot”


As we enter the 75th year of the March Madness college basketball tournament it’s hard to be shocked. We’ve seen many upsets, cinderella stories, double & triple overtimes, and had our brackets busted. Especially this year, when it seems as soon as Warren Buffett put up a billion bucks for the perfect bracket, upsets happened out the gate. Creighton, Duke, Villanova, Kansas, Ohio State, and even my beloved Orange at Syracuse.

But there was one thing that happened this year, that I wasn’t expecting. While watching the ESPN College Game Day program I discovered the person with whom credit is given from inventing the jumpshot. A man by the name of Kenny Sailors. At the age of 92, Sailors attended the University of Wyoming and lead his team to the NCAA championship in 1943.

I really enjoyed watching the enthusiasm and happiness you can tell the sport of basketball has brought Mr. Sailors. Proof that doing something you love can truly keep you young. If you haven’t seen this short documentary called “Jumpshot” yet take 7 minutes out of your day and check it out. Don’t forget to work on your jumper though.

As we watch UCONN upset #1 Florida tonight, and get ready for Kentucky vs. Wisconsin next. How those brackets holding up out there?


Fashion: Pharrell Covers April Issue of GQ Magazine


Make sure you check out Skateboard P on the new cover of GQ Magazine. Pharrell speaks on his “In My Mind” LP vs. his latest “G I R L” LP and of course touches on his sense of style including his latest Vivienne Westwood “Buffalo” Hat that has everybody talking lately. Check out a video excerpt below. The April issue of GQ is on stands now.


Events: Señor Kaos Speaking At Industry Fusion Tonight 4.1


If you’re in ATL. You can catch me speaking tonight at the monthly Industry Fusion event at Apache Cafe. The event is designed to inspire and connect the music and creative scenes here in ATL. Tonight I will sharing my story and touching on the importance of word of mouth marketing in building your brand in the digital landscape that we currently live in.

Emcee Great Scott & Allah’s Apprentice will be speaking as well. Add on to that an open mic after the speaking concludes. Apache Cafe is at 64 3rd Street in Midtown. RSVP at savagefam.eventbrite.com


Video: Nas & Michael Eric Dyson In Conversation At Georgetown University

In case you weren’t in DC to witness this magical moment. The whole video is here for you.

Nas and professor Michael Eric Dyson sat down for an in-depth conversation about Illmatic and its impact on the landscape of Rap over the past 20 years, the state of Hip-Hop today and much more. The talk was moderated by professor James Peterson of Lehigh University. Spotted at Nah Right


New Music: 6 Rings “Ultra Beat United” Feat. Number 2, Punchline, 4-IZE, Señor Kaos & Headkrack


It’s been a long time… we should’t… you know how the rest goes. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In these days and times rappers record and release every thought they create on the Internet in real time. Music is a craft… a food that needs to be cooked properly so the listener can enjoy all the flavors when they make contact with the taste buds.

What happens when you mix a pot with emcees from Chicago, Atlanta, and New York? You get “6 Rings” a crew of champions that consists of emcees: 4-IZE, Number 2, Punchline, Señor Kaos, and Headkrack.

Ok.. Now gone head and eat up. But don’t forget to save room for desert… cause TRUST there is more coming. You’ve been warned.


Events: Phife Dawg – “Dear Dilla” Video Premier

Last month before hitting the road for a minute I was invited to Phife Dawg’s (A Tribe Called Quest) video premier for “Dear Dilla” a tribute to the late great James “J Dilla” Yaney who would of turned 40 years old on February 7th, 2014. This premier marked the first time anyone had seen the new video before it was launched online on OKP. The premier was something like a reunion for ATL creatives. Artists, DJ’s, Marketers, & Scenesters all came out to catch a peep of the new video. The gathering took place at Midtown Art Cinema (aka Landmark) where guests were treated to food and beverages before being ushered into the theater for the videos premier.

Special guests for the evening: Chicago video director Konee Rok, DJ Rasta Root, 4-IZE (who actually plays the part of Dilla in the video), Boog Brown (who performed a piece of Dilla’s “The $” as a poetry piece), and of course the man of the hour Phife. In addition to seeing the video there was also a Q&A where Phife spoke about working with Dilla, his health situation (which is played out in the video), as well as why he felt it was important to create this track. He also mentioned he would be releasing a new solo LP entitled “MUTTYMorphosis” real soon. Well keep you updated on the new project when we learn more. For now make you check out the video for “Dear Dilla.”

Note: After the premier in ATL, Phife & DJ Rasta Root flew to Detroit the next day for the “Dilla Day” festivities where the video was then premiered to friends and fam in the Detroit City. All photos courtesy of Kat Goduco
View more info + press release Here.




Food: Styles P Talks Juicing & New Juice Bar


In the late 80′s and early 90′s rappers used their music to spread wisdom. One of the tracks that stands out the most for me is “Beef” by KRS ONE where the Blastmaster discusses how eating cow is bad for your health. I had NEVER heard a message like this until this song. It took some years and more research, but I finally stopped eating Beef and have been cow free for the past 15 years.

In addition to eliminating beef from my diet, I started to get into juicing, which started with a fruit smoothie fascination.

It’s amazing the power that music and artist have to provoke thought, yet all we typically hear and many consumers seem to care about is messages of sex, violence, and drugs. That’s why I was more than thrilled to see Styles P (The Lox) has opened up his own juice bar in NYC and has been making his rounds speaking about the importance of juicing.

In the interview below he talks to the good people at Frank 151 about juicing and why he opened up the “Juices For Life” juice bar. It’s great to see a rapper speaking about being healthy in public again. From listening to music kids know what the latest drug is, how to sell it, how much it cost for a lot of it (Mr. 17.5) but can’t tell you what vitamin C does for the body. Time to reverse this trend.

I’m definitely going to check this place out on my next trip to NYC. If your in the BX you find this spot in Parkchester area at 1026 Castle Hill Ave & Chatterton. The reviews on Yelp look pretty great as well.

Happy Juicing.


Events: Boom Bap w/ Diamond D Tonight


Going down tonight. Special DJ sets by Diamond D (D.I.T.C.), Case Bloom, Rate, & Gee Supreme.
Classic Hip Hop & Breaks.

@ The Basement behind Graveyard Tavern.

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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