Rest In Peace: Graffiti Legend “Stay High 149″ Passes

Just caught the news this evening that NYC Graffiti Legend “Stay High 149″ has passed away. Stay High is a graffiti Triple OG who always kept his tag simple but effective and got up over several decades. He is one of the few cats who could put a tag up on a wall, and no other dude would dare put a throwie or piece over it. Now that’s clout!

I was honored to meet Stay High back in 2004 when he used to hang around the Frank 151 office. I met him a few times after that as well. One time he laced me with a lil canvas of his “Voice Of The Ghetto” tag that I STILL have hanging in my office till this day! The last time I bumped into Stay High was probably 2008. I laced him with a “Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything” T-Shirt as well as a copy of the new CD. Didn’t realize till later that I caught a picture of him right in front of a portrait of Dondi, another legend who passed way too soon.

Stay High is a true NYC Graffiti Legend. Honored to have a chance to meet the man and shake his hand during my lifetime. The “Voice Of The Ghetto” will be missed. Rest In Peace.


And apparently a Stay High 149 movie was already in the works, I had no idea. Spotted this at Frolab.

Rest In Peace Stay High 149. Gone but never forgotten.

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