Señor Kaos Invades Brooklyn, New York

This past weekend, a took a quick trip to Brooklyn. Here’s some random pics I caught during a day.

Franklin Ave and Sterling – Crown Heights Section of Bklyn


Right under the J Train – “so what’s your function, meet me at Broadway Junction!”


Spotted a block party, fire hydrant busted open. Lack of pools in the city means hydrants will be flowing when it gets hot.


The kids love High Water Music.


Made a stop by Not Rays Pizza on Fulton and Lafayette. It’s funny, there’s multiple Rays pizza locations throughout NYC, none of which are connected. This spot would have to be in Brooklyn. They said damn Rays, were going to be Not Ray’s! Lol. Slices are good too. This corner is a GREAT place to chill and watch the ladies walk past. As Don Will says this block is “Common Casting Central!” LOL


This picture was taken up the block from where I was staying in East New York. Those flags you see represent the Dominican Republic.


In this same neighborhood a few blocks away, the Lo Lifes were having their annual BBQ. I would of loved to stop by and get some pics, but it was too much going on that day. Shout out to Frank who had a BBQ in Prospect Park, I didn’t get a chance to make it over there either. :(

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  • u can’t be everywhere fam. Not Ray’s thats funny!!!!!

  • Great pictures. I love the pizza at Not Rays, get one every time I go to the Atlantic avenue mall. Right across the street they have a solar restaurant called the Havana Outpost. Great food and good times.

  • Yeah Habana Outpost be PACKED!! Tried to go eat there, didn’t feel like waiting in that long ass line, thats why I took it over to Not Rays. LOL

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