Señor Kaos x NYC Radio: Halftime Radio WNYU + Squeeze Radio WKCR

From L to R: Kurious, Señor Kaos, Dave Darr, Timm See, Sucio Smash, Flux. Bottom: R Thenic


Last Wednesday I performed at Nuyorican Poets Cafe for the “All That” event. Shout out to Gaston, Spice, Universal, and Flux who were all in the spot. After Nuyorican we trooped over Halftime Radio Show WNYU 89.1 with Dj Eclipse, Petey Cologne, and Dj Skizz at New York University.

Big shouts out to Dj Eclipse for letting me come through the show. We had a great time. We were also celebrating Flux’s birthday that night. We got some video footage of the show, as well as some good pics, but until those are ready, here’s some Audio for you to check out.

Listen to Halftime Radio July 1st, 2009 w/ Guests Señor Kaos and Flux (Binkis Recs).

That next night I went up to WKCR 89 Tech 9 Squeeze Radio Show – Columbia University. Other guests that night included Kurious (Kurious Jorge), Dave Darr, Flux Wonda, Mazzi, and BK Cyph.

This was another great night, especially since the homie Timm See was present. Timm See and Sucio Smash ran the Squeeze Radio Show together for the past 7 years or so. Timm left the show late last year (08). Timm and Sucio on the radio together = the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed, there’s been moments I’ve been in that studio and literally fell on the floor from laughing so hard. Shout out to everybody who was in the studio that night including Dj Sarah Love and Lisa. We didn’t leave the studio until 5am.

Download Squeeze Radio Show WKCR 89.9 w/ Guests Kurious, Señor Kaos, Flux, Dave Darr, Mazz, BK Cyph.

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  • Peace fellas. I heard from an associate of mine that you guys are holding down the fort when it comes to underground music, trying to somewhat break the monotony on the radio. I was wondering how could an underground emcee could get to speak to you guys at the station/

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