Sol Munki Gucci Inspired Varsity Jacket

Sol Munki dropped the Gucci inspired varsity jackets Friday. Of course I went to cop mines early!!! They retailing @ $200.00. These joints are limited like the “Elevate Species” varsity so once they gone they gone.



About the Author: D Woods

An absolute monster in these streets! Online and offline this dude does not know the meaning of easy. He goes hard in the paint all day.

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  • Sol Munki b fresh


  • Where you think Gucci got the Colorway from? Africa… Green / Red / Tan (Yellow)

  • Trust me the design team at SOL MUNKI are not out of ideas homie

  • true, louis vuitton, coach, versace, hermes, prada are all still left to rip from…….lets get away from boosting other fine luxury brands and start creating things on our own. Its just much better this way. The luxury brand rip has been going on for years in street wear why try and do it now?

  • If you understand hip hop then you understand that we have always aspired to have the luxury brands we can’t necessarily afford. This is in tune with the Paid In Full album cover, etc.

  • yeah i understand the whole hip hop thing, paid in full came out in the summer of 87′ almost 21 yrs ago……….I bet 80% of the kids who buy street wear today( especially luxury good ripps) don’t even know who Rakeem is. Especially in the GREAT CITY of ATLANTA. Hip Hop has never inspired me to want Gucci or any other shit I cant afford. Hip Hop has inspired me to create things form scratch, not to be a biter.

  • How is inspiration biting?
    You never would’ve known that jacket was GUCCI inspired had I not said so
    Who do we say Lupe was biting when he was inspired to write Paris to Tokyo?

  • I agree what whowhatwherewhenwhy….

    Inspired By is a fancy way to say “Biting / Emulating / AKA This is where I got the idea from!”

  • Rakim homie, not Rakeem! Unless you talking about the RZA. And mad people in ATL know who Rakim is, dont get it twisted!!!

  • Actually the jacket was made in respect for BLACK HISTORY MONTH, did you notice Terrence rocking it on 106&Park, it was
    a black history release, everyone thought of it as Gucci Colorway so we said let them say Gucci Colorway, but if any of you all really know Gucci like I do, you would know Gucci Colorway is Green Red Green, not GREEN RED BLACK, I’M NIGERIAN SO WE WERE REPPING OUR COUNTRY.
    Off top its dope, and haters hate, but doers do, and thats what we do
    HA HA HA :smile:


  • Thanks for clearing that up street. Senor said it looked more like a Black History joint from the gate. Let’s go!!!

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