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**NEW MUSIC** Señor Kaos – “Booze Groove” Digital Single


Happy Holidays to all. May your shelves be stocked full of liquor and your cups be full of Coquito. New Music for your ears is my Xmas gift to all.

1. Booze Groove – Produced by Gym Krow
2. Gift of Gab – Featuring 4-IZE. Produced by Chris V.

Available for Purchase at


New Music: 6 Rings “Ultra Beat United” Feat. Number 2, Punchline, 4-IZE, Señor Kaos & Headkrack


It’s been a long time… we should’t… you know how the rest goes. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In these days and times rappers record and release every thought they create on the Internet in real time. Music is a craft… a food that needs to be cooked properly so the listener can enjoy all the flavors when they make contact with the taste buds.

What happens when you mix a pot with emcees from Chicago, Atlanta, and New York? You get “6 Rings” a crew of champions that consists of emcees: 4-IZE, Number 2, Punchline, Señor Kaos, and Headkrack.

Ok.. Now gone head and eat up. But don’t forget to save room for desert… cause TRUST there is more coming. You’ve been warned.


Video: 4-Ize – “How’d That Work Out”

One of the most important things in human existence is stories. Stories are the links and connections between cultures, places, things, etc. They allow our brains to remember things easily, and they are passed from person to person.

One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is emcee 4-IZE, and he has an amazing story not many people know about. On this new track “How’d That Work Out” he shares of story of where he’s from to where’s he’s gone as well as all the interesting things that happened along the way. Being present in the studio in the 9th Wonder session, I can definitely share stories of those sessions, but I’ll let 4-IZE share with you when he’s ready. In the meantime… Check out the new video and enjoy your Christmas. Stay tuned for 4IZE.COM for new music.


Videos: 4-Ize – “What I Smell Like”

Since nobody has made a good weed song since Obama has been in office, the homie 4-Ize is here to fill that void. Check out his latest video for “What I Smell Like.” Produced by Honorable C-Note and featuring the lovely Rozzi Daime on vocals. Check for the video & stream below.



New Music: 4-Ize Feat. Ludacris “It’s My Job”


New music from 4-Ize, this time featuring Ludacris letting you know what they both enjoy doing best… Their job!

A few years ago I was with 4-Ize when he linked up with producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League at a studio in ATL. They played a few beats, and there was a joint 4-Ize really wanted. When I heard this, I told him he should definitely do something with it. I din’t necessarily know what he should do, but I felt it had a nice bounce too it that I know he could bet busy on.

The single artwork features a picture of 4-Ize & Luda from when they were kids. For those that don’t know the two grew up with each other on the westside of Chicago, where they started a rap group called “Loudmouf Hooligans.”

It’s definitely great to see this song go from start to finish. Always great to hear 4 and Luda on the same track as well. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.


NEW MUSIC: 4-IZE & Señor Kaos as Ultra Beast – Underground Scene


Here’s some new music to jump start your weekend. 4-IZE & myself come together as Ultra Beast to let you what’s happening on the “Underground Scene.” Produced by Crazy DJ Bazzaro of the Beatminerz. Stream & download below.

4-IZE & Senor Kaos as ULTRA BEAST – “Underground Scene” Produced by Crazy DJ Bazarro by señorkaos


New Music: Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz – “The Present”

Just in time for Christmas, emcee Sha Stimuli drops his new project entitled “The Present.” The entire project is produced by ATL’s own the Dynamite Bruhz and features guest appearances from myself (Señor Kaos), Planet Asia, J-Live, Boog Brown, Torae, Skyzoo, Big Pooh, Playboy Tre, 4-IZE, Wordsworth, Etc.

Definitely worth you checking out, and it’s also available for Free Download.



Sha Stimuli teams with production duo Dynamite Bruhz for the last edition of his Rent Tape Series entitled The Present. The Rent Tape Series started in January of 2012 with The Calling and there has a been a new release every month since.

Sha’s series is finishing strong with his last two tapes working with Grammy Award winning producer FOCUS… on The Motion Soundtrack and now working with The Dynamite Bruhz, the team responsible for putting together official mixtapes for The Beatz & Lyrics Show, the A3C festival, & SXSW. The Dynamite Bruhz produced every track on the project with cuts from turntablist DJ Precyse.

The series has been supported so heavily by fans that Sha decided to make the last tape a gift to all those who have supported him this year so The Present will be available for free download As part of his gift he enlisted the help of some of the dopest emcees around.

The project features Planet Asia, J Live, Reks, Boog Brown, Torae, Skyzoo, Big Pooh, Playboy Tre, 4ize, Midaz, Wordsworth, Jamal Buford, King Malachi of the Dungeon Family, and many more.



Events: Señor Kaos Performing at A3C Hip Hop Festival 2012

For those traveling to ATL for the 8th annual A3C Hip Hop Festival, I will be performing on Friday evening Oct 12th. I will be sharing the stage with some of ATL’s finest emcees: Boog Brown, 4-Ize, Dillon, & Big Rec, as well as Soul Khan, Wordsworth, and Count Bass D. Fri 10.12.12 5-8pm at Masquerade ATL. … See you there.



Events: Breakin Bad Mixtape 3 Year Anniversary Celebration & Special Performance

If your in ATL you can catch yours truly performing tonight at Smiths Olde Bar on Piedmont & Monroe. I will be performing as a special guest for DJ Mudfish’s Breakin Bad Mixtape 3 year anniversary celebration. In addition to myself you have some of ATL’s finest taking the stage including, 4-Ize, Dillon, Methzullah, Yamin Semali (Amdex), W.I.C., and more. Also the Wheeler Boys will be headlining, should be a great night for Hip Hop in ATL.

Doors at 9pm, show starts at 11pm.



New Music: Señor Kaos Featured On “Executive Suite” Album. Releases Today

Today is January 10th which can only mean one thing! The “Executive Suite” album is here and available for FREE download.

A few months back I was reached out to by Kareem Fort to be interviewed for his DEMO’s documentary which is about independent artists. Afterwards I was approached about jumping on this record with Chaundon which was to be featured on the Demo’s movie soundtrack. Later on me and 4-Ize knocked out another record to be featured on “Executive Suite.” The original record “All Out” with Chaundon and Skinny C, never made the soundtrack and instead was used for this project. AND… that my friends is how I ended up on the “Executive Suite” project two times.

Just thought I’d share a lil story with you… But for real 2012 is getting off to a GREAT start, and this project is definitely one you shouldn’t sleep on. Stream or Download at Today!


As C.O.O. of HiPNOTT Records, Co–Founder of Cypher Lounge Radio and creator/Executive Producer of the highly anticipated documentary film DEMOS, you would think Kareem Fort wouldn’t have time for much more but, the multi-talented Reem has taken on the role of executive producer for the upcoming compilation LP, Executive Suite.

Executive Suite is available via The DJBooth with additional sponsorship from KevinNottingham and TheWellVersed. The compilation features production from long time collaborator Tony C (of Maseed Productions) and features the lyricism of Rapper Big Pooh, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino, Senor Kaos, 4-Ize, Hawdwerk, and Punchline and more.


A Day in the Life Intro (prod. Push Button Ent)
Take A Walk ft Dave East (prod. Pajozo)
All Out ft Chaundon, Senor Kaos, Skinny-C (prod. Tony C)
Dont Say Goodbye ft Rapper Big Pooh, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino (prod Ahzel)
Here With Me Brooke Taylor feat Punchline (Tony C.)
Givin It Up ft Ultrabeast (4-Ize & Senor Kaos), Hawdwerk (prod. Tony C.)
Snapshot ft Bodega Brovas (prod Tony C, cuts by DJ Mark-1)
Grown Man Business ft Akil Nadir (prod Tony C)
Top Mistress ft Aliso Black (prod Tony C)
Do Dat Sheit ft Tomorrow Yesterday (prod Tony C)
Message from Von Pea of Tanya Morgan
Amazement ft E-Jones, Halo, Rapsody, Sundown (prod E Jones)
The Edge ft Epsilon Project (Prod Slopfunkdust)
Arson ft Noni Spitz (prod Tony C)
Dynamics ft Gods’illa (prod E Jones)
Too Deep ft Lyric Jones and Headkrack (prod. Tony C)
Come On ft Ms.She-ill (prod Floyd da Locsmif)


The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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