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Events: “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool” Tomorrow 4.10


Some of ATL’s finest producers will be on display tomorrow night. When visual arts meets Hip Hop it equals, “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool’- The Ultimate Photographic Voyage Through the Producer’s Hiphop Expressionism

As a photographic account on Hip Hop Expression, this exhibit displays a keenly concocted photo- documentation, featuring 7 of Hiphop- Atlanta’s favorite groundbreaking sound- engineers: Amond Jackson, Illastrate, Yamin Semali (Clan Destined), DT (Left Field Experiment, Clan Destined), King I Divine, Rock Most (MSEIZE) and Floyd The Locsmif.

Admission is free, there will also be treats and music provided by some of ATL’s finest: DJ Rock Most, Yamin Semali and Floyd The Locsmif. The event kicks off at 7pm @ Department Store 467 Edgewood Ave.

Founder and creator Rim G says: “My ambition with this exhibit is to reach into the audience, and bring about an insight to the engineers’ personalities in the studio and out of session. Sound to me is more than what you can hear; it transcends to embody the producers themselves. I really just aimed to make people remember the classic definition of “TruSkool” in the Hiphop context– the fresh and infinitely authentic. I took that and applied it to the project because everything about it is original. It’s Hiphop, and the culture does not discriminate nor does clearly distinguish the visual from the musical. They are together, meshed as one flowing force, as the visual promotes the sonic, and the sonic in turn stimulates the imagination.”

Click HERE to learn more about Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool


New Music: 6 Rings “Ultra Beat United” Feat. Number 2, Punchline, 4-IZE, Señor Kaos & Headkrack


It’s been a long time… we should’t… you know how the rest goes. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In these days and times rappers record and release every thought they create on the Internet in real time. Music is a craft… a food that needs to be cooked properly so the listener can enjoy all the flavors when they make contact with the taste buds.

What happens when you mix a pot with emcees from Chicago, Atlanta, and New York? You get “6 Rings” a crew of champions that consists of emcees: 4-IZE, Number 2, Punchline, Señor Kaos, and Headkrack.

Ok.. Now gone head and eat up. But don’t forget to save room for desert… cause TRUST there is more coming. You’ve been warned.


Videos: 4-Ize – “What I Smell Like”

Since nobody has made a good weed song since Obama has been in office, the homie 4-Ize is here to fill that void. Check out his latest video for “What I Smell Like.” Produced by Honorable C-Note and featuring the lovely Rozzi Daime on vocals. Check for the video & stream below.



Events: Señor Kaos Performing At Beat Society 4.30.13 (ATL)

I’ll be performing live on Tuesday April 30th at the Beat Society ATL edition. It’s going down at Xcess Ultra Lounge on Spring & 3rd. Also featuring performances by Torae, Rock Most, and a special guest.

Beat Society is the original showcase dedicated to the fine art of beat making. Producers on hand for the evening will be Kuddie Fresh, Ill Gainez, Brain Storm and Philly’s Own Hezekiah. DJ Sonny James on the wheels and Dres The Beatnik on the hosting duties. It’s also an 18 and up event for all my young heads. See you there. Check the flyer below for more info, and OH you might want to get your tickets early.

Tickets $10 now. $15 at the door. Purchase tickets HERE.



Video: Rock Most Feat. Clan Destined – “Kill The Feed”

Latest video from ATL emcee, DJ, and producer Rock Most. Track is called “Kill The Feed” and also features ATL’s own dynamic duo Clan Destined.

While this track appears on his last project “Rise And Shine,” Rock Most will be releasing a new EP entitled “RMFM – The Spring Collection” on April 3rd. f you’re in the city of Atlanta you can catch Rock Most DJing at the Glenwood (East Atlanta) on 3.22 and catch him perform at his annual Birthday Bash concert on Friday April 5th @ 529 EAV.

In the meantime check out the video, and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out for more as well.


Events: Señor Kaos Performing at A3C Hip Hop Festival 2012

For those traveling to ATL for the 8th annual A3C Hip Hop Festival, I will be performing on Friday evening Oct 12th. I will be sharing the stage with some of ATL’s finest emcees: Boog Brown, 4-Ize, Dillon, & Big Rec, as well as Soul Khan, Wordsworth, and Count Bass D. Fri 10.12.12 5-8pm at Masquerade ATL. … See you there.



Video: Slimm Calhoun & C-Bone Performing “Gangsta S*^#” at 4-Ize’s Birthday Party

This past Saturday night September 8th, I hosted 4-Ize and Floyd The Locsmif’s “Dirty Virgin Virgo” Birthday celebration at 529. 4-Ize invited me to perform a joint cuts we have together including classic example, jacuzzi jap out, etc. I also assisted with some hype man duties on cuts like Rolling Like A Gee, and Rap Sucks.

In addition to performances by 4-Ize, and J-Live, Dungeon Families own Slim Calhoun (Slimm Cutta) brought out some DF alums C Bone, and Lil Will for his performance. Here’s just a lil footage of what went down. If you missed out, slap yaself in the face with two bricks. And Happy Birthday 4-Ize!!!


Video: Adift Da Belle – “Love Somebody”

Recent video from Jersey born / ATL based emcee Adrift Da Belle. The track is called “Love Somebody” but speaks on the feelings one faces when the love is gone.

I’ve always loved with Adrift has brought to the table since first seeing her live in ATL maybe 4 years ago. She’s talented, she’s funny, she’s fly, and she’s real cool people in real life. Check out her new video for “Love Somebody” featuring Sean Hayz on the vocals. Check for the Adrit Da Belle album “Garden State Parkway” and also check for her newly released LP “Drift Chronicles.”

Don’t Sleep!

Video directed by Will Feagins of High Impact Designs.


ATL Hip Hop: Yamin Semali – “Never Leave” Video

TRULY AMAZING!! “Never Leave” by Yamin Semali. Check it out.

Yamin Semali – “Never Leave” Official Music Video off the forthcoming solo project, “YAMIN.” Produced and written by Yamin Semali.

Listen to and download the song from Yamin Semali (aka DJ Amdex) here:

Listen to and download “Self Titled” here:

Connect on Facebook:

Follow on Twitter: (@YaminAllDay)


New Music: Señor Kaos – Communism Produced By Exit


New music to get your summer started off right. This the second leak from the “Mama Said The Sun Rises In The Resurrection” EP dropping July 3rd. “Communism” is re-produced by Exit aka DJ Exit. Check it out.

Senor Kaos – Communism 2012 by señorkaos

The Most Interesting MC in The World

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brick Mixtape

Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything

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