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Events: “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool” Tomorrow 4.10


Some of ATL’s finest producers will be on display tomorrow night. When visual arts meets Hip Hop it equals, “Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool’- The Ultimate Photographic Voyage Through the Producer’s Hiphop Expressionism

As a photographic account on Hip Hop Expression, this exhibit displays a keenly concocted photo- documentation, featuring 7 of Hiphop- Atlanta’s favorite groundbreaking sound- engineers: Amond Jackson, Illastrate, Yamin Semali (Clan Destined), DT (Left Field Experiment, Clan Destined), King I Divine, Rock Most (MSEIZE) and Floyd The Locsmif.

Admission is free, there will also be treats and music provided by some of ATL’s finest: DJ Rock Most, Yamin Semali and Floyd The Locsmif. The event kicks off at 7pm @ Department Store 467 Edgewood Ave.

Founder and creator Rim G says: “My ambition with this exhibit is to reach into the audience, and bring about an insight to the engineers’ personalities in the studio and out of session. Sound to me is more than what you can hear; it transcends to embody the producers themselves. I really just aimed to make people remember the classic definition of “TruSkool” in the Hiphop context– the fresh and infinitely authentic. I took that and applied it to the project because everything about it is original. It’s Hiphop, and the culture does not discriminate nor does clearly distinguish the visual from the musical. They are together, meshed as one flowing force, as the visual promotes the sonic, and the sonic in turn stimulates the imagination.”

Click HERE to learn more about Producer’s Polychromatic TruSkool


New Music: Yamin Semali “Senior Dues”


You go through four years of high school. Then just before you graduate and move on to that next level, you have to pay your senior dues before you can walk across that stage to collect your diploma.

Yamin Semali has been paying dues for more than 4 years (more like 14) in the ATL indy Hip Hop scene. He’s released countless quality projects solo as well as via groups Vinyl Junkies & Clan Destined. He’s back at it again with a new project aptly titled “Senior Dues.”

The new project features new tracks as well as remixes from recently released tracks. Also includes guests Kurupt, J-Live, Boog Brown, yours truly Señor Kaos and more.

Make sure you purchase a copy here today.


NEW MUSIC: Yamin Semali Featuring Señor Kaos – “Never Leave” – Señor Mix


Well it’s almost April and it’s freezing cold in most of the U.S. No worries, here’s some new heat just in time to kick off your weekend.

I recently teamed up with long-time friend and fellow ATL Emcee/DJ/Producer Yamin Semali (Clan Destined) for a special remix. The track “Never Leave” along with it’s amazing video have been taking the internet and streets by storm. Infectious melodies, hard hitting drums, and clever lyrics are hard to deny.

I’ve known Yamin since we were both teenagers making a name for ourselves in the ATL underground Hip Hop scene. He’s an amazing artist, and it’s always a honor and a pleasure to work on music with someone who truly care’s about their craft.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself…

Make sure you check you Yamin’s latest LP entitled “Yamin” today. Also if you’re in the ATL area, make sure you check out Yamin Semali performing tomorrow night along with Killer Mike at Terminal West.


Video: Yamin Semali – “Yamin”

New video from one of ATL’s finest. Some of you may know him as Amdex, one half of Clan Destined, or even from the VJC – Vinyl Junkies Crew. But today you can just call him “Yamin.”

“We might not know where to go, what to say or what to show, but there’s one thing that we know… And that’s just who we are!”

Make sure you purchase Yamin’s new album as well, it’s worth every cent!


Video: Rock Most Feat. Clan Destined – “Kill The Feed”

Latest video from ATL emcee, DJ, and producer Rock Most. Track is called “Kill The Feed” and also features ATL’s own dynamic duo Clan Destined.

While this track appears on his last project “Rise And Shine,” Rock Most will be releasing a new EP entitled “RMFM – The Spring Collection” on April 3rd. f you’re in the city of Atlanta you can catch Rock Most DJing at the Glenwood (East Atlanta) on 3.22 and catch him perform at his annual Birthday Bash concert on Friday April 5th @ 529 EAV.

In the meantime check out the video, and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out for more as well.


New Music: Yamin Semali – Yen Dollar Music LP Volume 1

Check out the new instrumental album from my long-time friend and super talented ATL based triple threat (Emcee, DJ, Producer) Yamin Semali (Amdex) of Clan Destined. The project is called “Yen Dollar Music – Volume 1.” Peep how all the titles are two words, the first starting with Y and the second starting with S.


Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1, an album of self-produced instrumentals presented in conjunction with and Yen Dollar Music (¥$M), Yamin’s new production company and brand. He has compiled 20 instrumentals for volume one, with other volumes to include compilations from various artists in Hip Hop’s global community. As half of Clan Destined, Yamin aka DJ AmDex has been tied to releases going back to Shaman Work Recordings (Ta’Raach, Wale Oyejide, CL Smooth) and has more recently been working alongside Illastrate, Boog Brown, and J-Live to name a few. The sound of ¥$M is indicative of loop digging, crate sampling, and synth manipulation. From Atlanta, Semali has a sound unlike much of what many consider to be Southern, but the tradition of the regional sound is well preserved for fans of Organized Noize, Supastition, Willie Evans Jr. and Count Bass-D. His last single was “Never Leave” (watch the video here). Clan Destined’s third LP Self Titled, received 5 out of 5 stars on (read the review here). February 2013 will see the CD/LP release of his solo album Yamin.

If you’re looking for some grooves to ride too, play while working on a project, cleaning the place, whatever look no further. You can stream as well as purchase this new project right HERE.

So far my two favorites are You’re Shot and Yancey Spirit. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.


Video: Clan Destined – “The Language Part 2″

Clan Destined – “The Language Pt. 2″ Music Video from Will F on Vimeo.

Official music video for Clan Destined’s “The Language Pt.2″ off the “Self Titled” album.

Listen to and download “Self Titled” HERE

Listen to and download the “Scream/Screamixes” EP HERE

Check out the solo project from DJ Amdex (aka Yamin Semali) Here

Follow on Twitter:


Announcement: Señor Kaos Will Not Be At SXSW This Year


For those that don’t know South By Southwest is a HUGE music festival that happens in Austin, Texas around this same time of year. It caters to just about every genre of music and everyone flocks there to perform, or see some of the new upcoming artists do their thing. Austin is also the coolest city Texas has to offer (no disrespect). There’s what seems like a hundred or so venues that cater to live music, and there’s a bridge you can hit around sunset every evening that thousands of bats live under to see them make their way into the night sky.

I’ve been blessed to attend the festival since 2007 as a spectator as well as a performer. I’ve had some great times, and met some amazing people there as well.

However this year I won’t be making that trek and I wanted to post this since EVERYBODY is blowing up my cell phone today with texts and calls as well as facebook and twitter. Artists and promoters are inviting me to their events, people are asking me where I’m performing etc. I appreciate all the love though, I really do. Wish I was out there rocking with y’all time go round.

I’ve seen some great event lineups including Red Bull Music Academy events and even a Nike event with Nas WOW!

I have SEVERAL friends and fam out there, and if you’re there for the week, make sure you check em out: Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Clan Destined, Lyric Jones, Stanza, 4th Pyramid, etc.

I hope everyone has a GREAT time. Just remember not to get caught up in the hype, take in what new information you can, and do your best to form some real bonds with amazing, interesting people.

Also, remember to apply all the motivation you’ll walk away with to your life, not just the few days you’re away at the festivities. All too often people are only enthused and ‘making moves’ when surrounded by others who are doing the same; the real test is if you can continue to be just as motivated when you”re back in ‘real life,’ surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

Say hello to everyone for me!


Video: Clan Destined Feat. Stacy Epps: “Scream”

If you haven’t heard Clan D’s latest LP “Self Titled” released a year ago (Jan 2011) your playing yourself. The project is absolutely amazing and a year later the duo releases their 5th video from the project. Featuring Stacy Epps on the vocal help out, here is the new video for “Scream” Directed by B Price (Late September Films).


Video: ClanThuzullah – “Me And The Clan”

If I had to take a wild guess I would say… Beats by DT & Amdex (Clan Destined) and rhymes by Methuzullah. Clan D & Methuzullah = ClanThuzullah. Looks like the homies have been cooking up a new project. Check out this promo video that surfaced a few days ago via Rick Foy DVID Films. Record is called “Me And The Clan.”

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