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Jailhouse Roc: The FACTS About Hip Hop and Prison for Profit


Growing up, I used Hip Hop as a way to learn about the world around me. From politics, to culture, language, geography, history, all this could be heard in your rap record of the late 80′sa and early 90′s. Then something changed in the late 90′s. Rap records talking about something other than partying and using drugs, became “underground” and labeled conscience. There was a shift, that continues to live on today. Listening to your radio or reading your popular Hip Hop zine all you hear and see is the same stories of niggativity.

With that said. Salute to emcee and homie Homeboy Sandman for taking the time to put this great piece together addressing the connection between Hip Hop and the prison for profit system. HS wrote this article for Huffington Post who refused to post it recently. No worries… It’s right here for you to digest. It’s a great read I definitely suggest checking it out. Thanks to Homeboy Sandman, and make sure you check out this new LP “First Of A Living Breed” out now via Stones Throw Records.

Transcript Below…

GoldenUndergroundTV recently released an interview I did with them late last year. I got a bit animated at the end. Only so many interviews in a row I could handle being asked about Chief Keef.

My tirade wasn’t really about Chief Keef. It wasn’t about Gucci Mane or Wocka Flocka or any of the acts spontaneously catapulted into stardom by synchronized mass media coverage despite seemingly universal indifference (at the very best) regarding their talent. Whose arrests, involvement in underaged pregnancies, concert shootouts, and facial tattoos, dominate conversation for weeks at a time, with their actual music a mere afterthought, if thought of at all.

My tirade was about marketing. It was about media powers seeking out the biggest pretend criminal kingpins they can find, (many of whom who shamelessly adopt the names of actual real life criminal kingpins like 50 Cent and Rick Ross), and exalting them as the poster children for a culture. It was about an art form reduced to product placement, the selling of a lifestyle, and ultimately, a huge ad for imprisonment.

This is not my opinion.

Last year Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the biggest name in the private prison industry, contacted 48 states offering to buy their prisons. One stipulation of eligibility for the deal was particularly bizarre: “an assurance by the agency partner that the agency has sufficient inmate population to maintain a minimum 90% occupancy rate over the term of the contract.

What kind of legitimate and ethical measures could possibly be taken to ensure the maintenance of a 90% prison occupancy rate?


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Video: Homeboy Sandman – Sputnik

New video from Private Eye – Homeboy Sandman for the track “Sputnik” produced by the homie Howard Lloyd. It’s pretty fresh, but don’t believe me check it out.

Make sure you pick up that new LP “First Of A Living Breed” out now.


Homeboy Sandman Collabs With Mitchell & Ness + Releases New Video

Shouts to the homie Homeboy Sandman. I got a chance to catch up with him this past Friday night in ATL on a tour stop thru town with him and Brother Ali. We were supposed to perform Machines at this show, but a late flight in from NYC had me late to the festivities.

I did get the chance however to pick up one of the new Homeboy Sandman x Mitchell & Ness snapbacks in my favorite color-way (the same color-way as this site you’re viewing) orange & blue. Here’s some pics of what the hat looks like. This joint will be getting MUCH wear from me through the fall.


Also Homeboy Sandman celebrated his birthday yesterday, and releases a new video for the song “Not Really” today, which premiered on Complex.

Make sure you pick up Homeboy Sandman’s new LP on Stones Throw Records “First Of A Living Breed.” And check out this exclusive track “Out Now” which is not on the album.


Videos: Lyricist Lounge 20th Anniversary Footage

Last week (May 23rd) Hip Hop’s most famous open mic showcase, NYC’s Lyricist Lounge celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Back in the 90′s the Lyricist Lounge was a place were up and coming emcee’s could come and sharper their chops. Everyone from the likes of Foxy Brown, Eminem, Rah Digga, Biggie, Big Pun, Punchline, Wordsworth, etc. all stopped by the lounge at some point before making a name for themselves in the music industry. By 2000 the Lyricist Lounge even had it’s own show on MTV (which I liked a lot and was MAD when it was canceled). In the late 90′s and 2000′s the Lounge hit the road traveling the country putting on concerts in various cities. In ATL back in 97 we had Goodie Mob, Company Flow, Micranauts, and Mass Influence on the same line up. WOW.

Salute to Anthony Marshall and Danny Castro on 20 years in business. I got the chance to perform at the LL only once via the homie Mazzi back in 2009 in NYC. Jeru Da Damaja was hosting and it was a great experience I’ll never forget.

The homie Chief Justice captured some footage from the anniversary show which featured the likes of Black Thought, Mos Def, Homeboy Sandman, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and more.

Black Thought & Mos Def – MCA (Beastie Boy) Tribute

Video Tribute: 20 Years Of The Lyricist Lounge

Thought At Work

Mos Def rocking Respiration

Punchline getting busy

Homeboy Sandman rocks the spot.


I would be here all day posting footage form this event. BIG shouts to the homie Chief Justice for sending over some of these vids. Make sure you check his site Judgemental for more NYC Hip Hop Flavor!


Video: Homeboy Sandman – I Do Whatever I Want

Brand new video from the big homie Homeboy Sandman for the song “I Do Whatever I Want” off his latest EP “Chimera” available now on Stones Throw. Just in time as he heads to Europe to get his Euro tour on for the summer. This is music Hip Hop can be proud of. Salute Boy Sand!

Maaaaaaan this is ONE video shoot that I’m upset I was not invited too. Check it out to see why “I’ll do whatever she wants!” HA.

“I Do Whatever I Want” produced by Mr Familiar, from the Chimera EP.
Directed & Edited by Liv Marsico (Liphemra). Directors of Photography Rohan Ali & Sinziana Velicescu.

Also here’s another recent video I never got a chance to post for the song “Hold Your Head”

See: Homeboy Sandman Interview with Studio Dope


Video: Homeboy Sandman – “The Miracle”

Check out the latest video from Homeboy Sandman for the song “The Miracle.” This track is taken from Boy Sands latest project “Subject Matter” which is an EP available on Stones Throw Records.
Video is directed by Steve Smith.



Announcement: Señor Kaos Will Not Be At SXSW This Year


For those that don’t know South By Southwest is a HUGE music festival that happens in Austin, Texas around this same time of year. It caters to just about every genre of music and everyone flocks there to perform, or see some of the new upcoming artists do their thing. Austin is also the coolest city Texas has to offer (no disrespect). There’s what seems like a hundred or so venues that cater to live music, and there’s a bridge you can hit around sunset every evening that thousands of bats live under to see them make their way into the night sky.

I’ve been blessed to attend the festival since 2007 as a spectator as well as a performer. I’ve had some great times, and met some amazing people there as well.

However this year I won’t be making that trek and I wanted to post this since EVERYBODY is blowing up my cell phone today with texts and calls as well as facebook and twitter. Artists and promoters are inviting me to their events, people are asking me where I’m performing etc. I appreciate all the love though, I really do. Wish I was out there rocking with y’all time go round.

I’ve seen some great event lineups including Red Bull Music Academy events and even a Nike event with Nas WOW!

I have SEVERAL friends and fam out there, and if you’re there for the week, make sure you check em out: Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Clan Destined, Lyric Jones, Stanza, 4th Pyramid, etc.

I hope everyone has a GREAT time. Just remember not to get caught up in the hype, take in what new information you can, and do your best to form some real bonds with amazing, interesting people.

Also, remember to apply all the motivation you’ll walk away with to your life, not just the few days you’re away at the festivities. All too often people are only enthused and ‘making moves’ when surrounded by others who are doing the same; the real test is if you can continue to be just as motivated when you”re back in ‘real life,’ surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

Say hello to everyone for me!


Video: Homeboy Sandman On Toca Tuesdays w/ Tony Touch (Radio)

Homeboy Sandman strikes again! A few weeks back the homie Homeboy Sandman made a stop by DJ Tony Touch’s Sirus 45 Satellite radio show “Toca Tuesdays.” While there he does what he does best: kicks a verse with a smooth but choppy un-authordox flow.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Homeboy Sandmans’ new EP “Subject Matter” available now on Stones Throw Records. If your in Austin for SXSW you can catch Boy Sand rocking the Stones Throw as well as the A3C showcases. Tell him Señor Kaos sent you. BONG!


Video: Señor Kaos Performing In NYC For 2011 CMJ Festival

10 days after the A3C Festival ended, I took a trip up to NYC for the 2011 CMJ Festival. On Tuesday night I made a surprise appearance during Fresh Daily’s set at Drom for the Brooklyn Bodega showcase.

Then on Thursday I rocked at the Thompson Hotel for the Digiwaxx showcase. Both were super short sets, but new fans were made, and that’s what counts. The Kaos Effect LP is coming 11.11.11. Can’t wait for y’all to hear it.

Shouts to everybody in NYC who I caught up with on this trip: Sucio Smash, J-Live, Fresh Daily, P.So, Homeboy Sandman, J, Sue, Mimi, Chief Jus, Miss Al Boogie, Navani, Timm See, Teddy Ted, Photo Rob, CL, Pharoahe Monch, Willie Evans Jr., YC, John Robinson, Jessica, DJ Eleven, DJ Eclipse, Skizz, Petey Cologne, DJ Evil Dee, Mr. Walt, Crazy DJ Bizarro, etc.


Video: A3C Festival 2011 Short Film *IndieMusik Exclusive*

As of yesterday the smoke cleared and the 2011 A3C Festival was officially over. (*shreds tear*). It was a CRAZY 3 days of non stop action indeed. The festival kicked off with me and 4-Ize performing as Ultra Beast on the Creative Loafing Stage / Hip Hop DX showcase on Thursday night. We shared the stage along with Joe Scudda, Gods Illa, Homeboy Sandman, Kosha Dillz, Freeway, and Random Axe. Earlier that day I posted up at the Kevin Nottingham showcase where I caught Lyric Jones, The Regiment, Boog Brown, Bodega Brovas, El Da Sensei, One Be Lo, J-Live and Torae all tear it down!

On Friday I witnessed Jean Grae, Big Krit, Saigon, Aleon Craft, Dee 1, and the Jamla roster (Big Remo, Away Team, Rapsody, Laws, etc) get busy before heading to MJQ for the Face Off 6 year anniversary where DJ Rasta Root, Evil Dee, Maseo of De La Soul, and Green Lantern all destroyed the turntables.

Then… by Saturday my voice was escaping me. Me and 4-Ize recorded a record with The Beatminerz for a new project their working on, and afterwards I caught up with AJ (SalemPsalms) and Headkrack to knock out a joint for the Beatz & Lyrics To Go Mixtape. A got a chance to get a nap in, but by doing so I missed sets by Elzhi, M.O.P., Dead Prez, Termanology. Right after I performed at the Red Bull stage for the 5 Boro / Big Daddy Kane Function. Afterwards BDK came out and pretty much showed any other performer who rocked at A3C this weekend why he was and still is the king!

Shouts to Indie Musik, check out this short film they put together once again this year. If you look closely you’ll see some footage of me rocking a Gorilla suit on stage.

Well it’s about that time again. A3C is over and yeah it sucks, especially for those who missed this year but for the second year I present to you a short wrap up I shot of what the atmosphere looked like. Thanks to everyone who made this event awesome from A3C staff, the bloggers, and of course the artists. Special thanks to Malice, Fort Knox, Dee-1, Torae, Thurz, Fashawn, and Izaiah So Dope.

I can’t wait to check out ALL that footage that will be hitting you tube in the next few days / weeks. If you missed A3C this year, don’t play yourself next October, BE THERE! Shouts to everybody I bumped into or met for the first time. Shouts to iHeartDilla, Shalay, Sue, Torae, E Holla, Da Beatminerz, 9th Wonder, Dante Ross, Mr. Len, 4-Ize, Locsmif, Truth ATL, Blitz, Frank Black, Dres The Beatnik, J-Live, Laws, Khrysis, Big Remo, etc.

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