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Salvatore Ferragamo – “A Man’s Story”

Often rules are made to be broken. For without, convention can never become disrupted. Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates a few of todays rule breakers through a visual, fashion experience. Featuring: Douglas Booth, Henrik Lundqvist, A$AP Rocky, Ryan McGinley, Alexander Gilkes, Louis-Marie De Castlebajac, & Tyrone Wood.

In 1914, 16-year-old Salvatore Ferragamo emigrated from southern Italy to Boston and then California where he convinced his brothers to join him in creating a made-to-measure shoemaking service. Within just five years it had become a beacon of luxury for Hollywood’s greatest stars, and the Ferragamo story was born. Salvatore Ferragamo followed his beliefs and made his own rules. 100 years on, Ferragamo presents A Man’s Story, an online series by photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini under the creative direction of the brand’s Massimiliano Giornetti, that highlights the notion of ‘making your own rules’. Through an intimate and compelling series of stories, told by an eclectic cast of contemporary men, Ferragamo’s luxury lifestyle collections are presented in new and surprising settings.

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Music: Flying Lotus Feat. Kendrick Lamar “Never Catch Me”

This song is great but this video is incredible. Check it out. Spotted at Maurice Garland.
Flying Lotus’ new album “You’re Dead” was released last week.



Video: Lupe Fiasco “Sway In The Morning” Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco recently stopped by Sway’s satellite radio show and showed why if he’s not one of your favorites, he should be. When Sway asks: “You going to kick a written or a Freestyle?” Lu responds with “when people say freestyle, I freestyle!”

The act of “Freestyling” or creating lyrics and wordplay off the top or your head is a talent and skill many so-called emcee’s don’t posses. When done correctly it can create excitement and leave you hanging on to what the next words or phrase will be. Lupe definitely not only did that, but he held it down for 4 minutes and got busy!

Check it out below. Lu just dropped a new track called “Mission” as well. New album coming soon? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



Video: Pharoahe Monch – “Rap Life” Produced By Diamond D

Pharoahe Monch comes to ATL to get a taste of the rap life. The latest video for “Rap Life” is produced by Diamond D who also makes a cameo and drops a couple bars on the track as well. Filmed on location in ATL the video was filmed and directed Deacon The Villian & Amond Jackson. Rap Life is taken from Diamond’s forthcoming LP “The Diam Piece.”


Video: Outkast BACK! Full Coachella Set


On New Years Day 2014 one of my friends wrote on Facebook “All I want this year is to see Outkast perform live!” Starting in November 2013 there were rumors that duo was getting back together in the new year specifically for Coachella. Sleepy Brown even posted something on Instagram hinting to the reunion, and soon after removed the update from his page.

Then a week into the new year it was official. Big Boi & Andre 3000 would not only be getting back together to celebrate their 20 year anniversary with a show at Coachella, they would also be doing a string of festivals this summer around the country. This is every true Outkast’s fan dream come true right? I mean it’s only been 7 years, which has felt like a decade in the fast pace landscape of life these days.

Well for those couldn’t make it to California for Coachella, including myself, thanks to the good ole Internet you could of watched the live stream last night online, OR… You can watch the full show below.

Outkast will be playing in Georgia at the Counterpoint Festival during the weekend of April 25-27. There is also rumor going around about them playing at the Mad Decent Block Party in ATL this summer, which I’ve heard from a reputable source is false. As of now they will only be appearing on the Denver, Colorado date in August.

Alright… enough text, below is what you really want to see, so check it out. Am I the only one that finds it odd Dre is walking around with a corded microphone? Other than bad sound, there’s nothing more restricting to artists performance on a large stage than a cordless mic. And seems like the stage lighting was very dark throughout their set. Let me know what you think of the set. Do you have tickets booked to see Outkast this summer?

Spotted at TSS.


Video: Nas & Michael Eric Dyson In Conversation At Georgetown University

In case you weren’t in DC to witness this magical moment. The whole video is here for you.

Nas and professor Michael Eric Dyson sat down for an in-depth conversation about Illmatic and its impact on the landscape of Rap over the past 20 years, the state of Hip-Hop today and much more. The talk was moderated by professor James Peterson of Lehigh University. Spotted at Nah Right


Video: Q-Tip at Red Bull Music Academy (NYC)

The Red Bull Music Academy is an international workshop that has been happening annually for the past 15 years. Earlier this year it took place in NYC. While this video is over 5 months old, it’s also 2 hours long, and I’m JUST getting a chance to finally finish watching the whole thing. Thought it would be great to share, and if you don’t have 2 hours right now to watch it… Bookmark it and come back. Press play below to see Chairman Mao & Q-Tip chop it up on everything from equipment, production techniques, and what challenges Q-Tip.



Video: 4-Ize – “How’d That Work Out”

One of the most important things in human existence is stories. Stories are the links and connections between cultures, places, things, etc. They allow our brains to remember things easily, and they are passed from person to person.

One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is emcee 4-IZE, and he has an amazing story not many people know about. On this new track “How’d That Work Out” he shares of story of where he’s from to where’s he’s gone as well as all the interesting things that happened along the way. Being present in the studio in the 9th Wonder session, I can definitely share stories of those sessions, but I’ll let 4-IZE share with you when he’s ready. In the meantime… Check out the new video and enjoy your Christmas. Stay tuned for 4IZE.COM for new music.


Video: A3C Cypher Featuring Chief Justice x Actual Proof x Locksmith

The homie Chief Justice sent this video my way. Cypher from the A3C Hip Hop Festival which took place in ATL last month. This one features Chief Justice, Actual Proof, and Locksmith.

The mic needed to be lowered for Ac Proof, can’t even see those guys. The boy Locksmith definitely gets BUSY on here. Check it out for yourself.




Video: Sean Price – “Bar-Barian”

New video from Sean Price for the song “Bar-Barian.” You can catch this and more foolishness on his latest LP “Mic Tyson” which is out now.

Spotted at Jay Force.

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