Talib Kweli + Bobbito Voices For New Cartoon.

So I just heard about this new cartoon called BlokHedz. It’s sponsered by Gatorade (G2). Good to see Gatorade using those dollars for some valiant Marketing Efforts. I might go buy a Gatorade tonight.

With the help of Gatorade’s Mission G online grassroots campaign, the graphic novel turned animated hip-hop cartoon “Blokhedz” is now getting some major exposure. Gatorade will be pushing a new episode of “Blokhedz” every month on their official site with Talib Kweli as the voice of the main character.

I also noticed 2 other things about this show. #1 – Bobbito is the voice of a character on here as well. #2 – In episode 2 theirs tags by legendary NYC Graffiti artist JA (Ja One) you see his tag in the background in a few shots around the basketball court.

Whomever put this together know’s something! I’m not mad at it all, looking forward to future episodes, especially since Boondocks is playing around with Season 3 right now.

About Blokhedz:

For Blak, a 17-year old, aspiring rapper, life in the projects of Empire City is a constant struggle against violence and temptation. After the tragic death of his older brother, Blak discovers that he has been given a mystical gift that allows him to turn his rhymes into physical reality. It is a power that Blak must ultimately decide to use for good or evil as he tries to bring his brother’s killers to justice. With the support of his crew, G-pak, Blak must make the toughest decisions of his life while dodging underworld boss Bloko, his arch nemesis Vulture, and bitter gang rivalries. All the while, he must cope with his own hotheaded temper as each use of his power brings him closer to succumbing to the darker nature within himself. Will Blak stay true to himself and his gift or will he be corrupted by the streets? The fate of Empire City hangs in the balance.

Episode 1 – Thinking Of A Master Plan

Episode 2 – Paid In Full

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  • This is from a couple of twin brothers named Mark and Mike (Mad Twinz) they actually lived in Atlanta for a minute. Blokhedz the comic has been around for a while.

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