Television: VH1 – Nas “Behind The Music”

Last night I got the chance to catch VH1′s Nas Behind The Music special. If you missed it, catch it right here. Follow the journey of Nasty Nas from Queensbridge NYC to Hip Hop Icon.

I’ve been a fan of Nas since day one and still own my copy of Illmatic on cassette tape. I won’t even sit here and lie though, there were Nas songs as well as whole albums that I disliked. There was a time when Nas was straying all the way left from “Nasty” and making jiggy radio friendly cuts which seemed in an effort to keep up with Puff/Big and Jay Z who were repping nyc and also selling millions of records. Just when I would lose faith though, there would be some unreleased track or something from a mixtape I would hear that I thought was downright amazing. All in all, It’s great to see Nas 18 years after his debut still relevant, and making music on his own terms.

I’ve only had to chance to connect with Nas ONCE and it was in passing. I gave him a pound, and told I would love to hear the finished version of “Life Is Like A Dice Game” if it existed. He looked at me chuckled, said “word,” and that was it.

Salute to Nasty Nas, and looking forward to seeing what his 10th album (Life Is Good) has in tour for us. Escobar Season Returns…

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  • That was a great thing to see the other night. I’m glad that VH1 is starting to show more hip-hop artists. I have always loved “Behind the Music” and now they are pushing things even further and better!

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