The Kaos Effect Reviews Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon Album


Aiiiiight so check it Me (Señor Kaos) and Chicagorilla were invited to this Kid Cudi listening session for his new album “Man On The Moon” which is coming out via Kanye’s label G.O.O.D. Music. The good people (Terrell) invited us out, and he’s good peoples. OH… I forgot to mention we’re here RIGHT now, making this post live.

So we’re going to go song for song, I’m going to tell you what I think, and Go Rilla will let you know how he feels as well…. Heeeeeere We Gooooo!

#1 In My Dreams
SK: If I was high and went to the studio to remake D’Angelos How Does It Feel, it would come out sounding like this. The Common guest poem at the end was refreshing.
GOrilla: The track is reeeeeaaaaaaalllllll simple and sets the tone for the album… zzzzzzzz…..

#2 Soundtrack to My Life
GOrilla: Dude sounds like Kanye rapping on this
SK: I like the content, lets us know a lil more about who he is on this one. Talks about his family, stuff he’s going thru, etc. Beat is boring as hell though. He’s spilling his soul, beat should reflect that, it needs some SOUL.

#3 Simple As
SK: I like this beat from the second it drops, Drums is Knocking…. Common is back.. But even Rasheed can’t save this song.
GOrilla: The beat knocks crazy!!! I wish he would’ve switched up the flow to complement the beat though. He still sounds like Kanye on the cadence and delivery when he could’ve went in on this joint!!!!

#4 Solo Dolo (Nightmare)
GOrilla: I think dude feelings is hurt or he was touched as a kid or something. The music is drab and melancholy.

#5 Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme)
SK: Heart of a Lion…… I don’t know about all that. This joint is WEAK Sauce
GOrilla: This project sounds like a cross between Bjork and 808′s & Heartbreaks pt 2

#6 My World Feat. Billy Cravens
GOrilla: Monotonous flow gets very boring after a while. Trying to keep in mind is for a completely younger hipster demo.
SK: Sounds like he high as hell and mega Depressing!!!

#7 Day And Nite
SK: Maaaaaaaaaaaaan I’m so damn tired of this song!!! Pass :( Great record, I’m just tired of it.
GOrilla: Day & Nite… Woot woot…

#8 Sky Might Fall
GOrilla: It just did…
SK: It fell on me, I’m dead now!

#9 Entergalactic Love Connection
SK: I like this joint… good rhythm, nice beat, I would hear Will.I.Am on the Remix. This should do great in the club. 3rd Single?
GOrilla: Dude just woke up!!! 9 tracks in and dude finally wakes up!!! This is definitely a club tune.

#10 Alive (Nightmare)
GOrilla: I was hoping my dude would come alive on this track…
SK: What is this dude talking bout??? I’m lost.

#11 Cudi Zone
SK: Some of these songs are starting to sound like they were recorded for his demo, this joint is boring!
GOrilla: Futuristic track kind of knocks. i’n going back to sleep. Wake me up when the next track comes on dude.

#12 Make Her Say
SK: Agree with the Go Rilla. This is Def the best song on the album. I’ve liked this joint since the first time I’ve heard it. I like the video too.

#13 Pursuit of Happiness
SK: Depressing. There’s too much sadness in the world right now, I don’t need to hear this. I need a Happy Song Cudi.
GOrilla: Interestingly enough I like dude’s message of pursuing his dreams and overcoming obstacles. But it sounds like he trying to kill himself

#14 Hyyerrr
GOrilla: This will get hella cool points with the ladies on some ol’ school midwest flow. Plus my man finally switches up the flow to complement the track
SK: Yeah I’m glad money switched up the flow on this one. Sounds like Bump And Grind 2010. LOL

# 15 Up, Up & Away
SK: “They gone judge me anyway…. so whatever! I can’t front, I like this song. I could see this getting heavy play on Crossover radio. Sounds like a band is in the studio with him. I could see this joint rocking live too. This is one of the few songs I could hear again.
GOrilla: This is the hip hop version of a COLDPLAY record. Good way to end the album seriously.

SK: Same flow on damn near every song. Money sounds depressed, and is making me depressed. This album is pretty boring. Could of made a dope EP though. 5 songs, Bong. The Common features can’t even save this album. This dude is on the moon, the album is still on earth.
GOrilla:Yeah what he said. I’m going to take a bottle of sleeping pills and drink some vodka and kill myself!!! LOL! Rofl!

Rating System: 1 Brick = Automatic Classic 2 Bricks = Solid Effort 3 Bricks = Aiiiiiiight 4 Bricks = Your Buggin 5 Bricks = What the hell were you thinking! You deserve to get hit with 5 bricks to face for us having to listen to this.



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  • COSIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kanye shoulda released this album thru his other label… B.A.D. Music

  • Yo I’ve been saying this for a while, but cats don’t listen to me. I’m not convinced this dude is the next big thing. I haven’t heard the album, but Kaos is my dude so I trust his judgement when it comes to hip-hop. Only thing more puzzling than his album is his feature on Blueprint 3. Jay WTF were you thinking!?!?! Maybe he’s trying to appeal to skinny jeans fans…

  • DAMN!!!! 5 whole bricks!!!! LOL

  • I disagree… The album is definitely a little on the emo end, but I think he’s just trying to reach out to a younger crowd, kids who haven’t really found themselves. He’s representing for the underdog. White people are gonna eat this shit up. His tracks are personal, real. Hes not fronting or braggin like most rappers. He deserves 3 bricks. lol

  • Haha, this is one of the greatest albums i have ever heard. The whole 5 brick bullshit is garbage. Listen to the tone of the album. It’s called MAN ON THE MOOON: END OF DAYS, you think there is really going to be a happy tone to that?

  • Truth – one of the greatest albums you EVER heard? Fa Real? You must of heard A LOT of wack albums over the years G.

    I guess my pants ain’t tight enough or something, I wasn’t digging it like that, but to each his own. It’s not for everybody (me).

  • kid cudi is amazing. I have 45 songs by him on my ipod including all of the songs from man on the moon. Its alright that you don’t like him, it takes a special type of chosen person to understand kid cudi. I and his fans love him because we are all born different than most. We can feel, hear, and see things that you can’t. Until Kid Cudi, us few had no musicians to represent us, bring us together, and to show us we are not the only ones. Its simple as that. (btw don’t bother responding, that is not my real email and i will never check this disaster of a website again)

  • E.F. – Thanks for stopping by this disaster of a site 7 Whole Months later to voice your opinion.

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