TKE Exclusive: Rozzi Daime ATL Performance Pics + Video

I know I’m DUMB late with posting this, but when you got exclusives you can sit back for a while. HA.

Here are some pics I snapped of Rozzi Daime during her ATL performance at Lenny’s in Atlanta on June 4th. She got on stage at like 2:30am and shut the club down till it closed! SA-RA Familia was in the house to let the ATL know that when Rozzi Daime comes thru, it’s a So Special affair.

I had known Rozzi pretty well, up to this point, but had never gotten a chance to see her perform. If I wasn’t a fan already, I was definitely one after that night.


Along with these pics, I also caught a lil video footage of the Daime as well. Check it out.

Rozzi Daime – SA-RA Intro / Dirty Illusions

Tracy – And YES that’s ME yelling like crazy in the background. Tracy is MY shit!!!

Gemini’s Rising / I Can’t Help It

So Special / Glorious

Rozzi Daime – Do The Daime Thing mixtape coming next.

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  • I love you Kaos and the entire TKE team. May I state for the record, your blog is the shit. Bisous

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