Tupacs Back!!!? Hologram 2 Pac Performing At 2012 Coachella (Full Video)

Sooooo it’s Sunday night and my interview on WRAS 88.5 (Georgia State University College Radio) has just aired. I’m responding to text from a few friends who checked out the interview. I’m feeling a little restless so I lay down but don’t go to sleep.

Earlier in the day I caught some of the Coachella Music Festival which was actually streaming on a You Tube channel. I wathced Santigold’s set (which I liked) and ended up getting back to work eventually.

But the thing I really wanted to catch, along with thousands of other Hip Hop fans, was Snoop & Dre reuniting on stage together after several years. There was even rumored to be a Nate Dogg appearance in the form of a hologram on several songs. Nate Dogg coming back to life in the form of a hologram to croon the hooks on several hits. This was Do Not Miss viewing!

I ended up falling asleep for a few hours so I missed the set. When I awoke about 4am which was 1am Cali time, I checked my Twitter timeline to my surprise EVERYBODY is talking about Tupac’s performance. WHAT? Pac has been gone 16 years, so imagine my surprise when I see his name along with that he just rocked the stage. I immediately cruised the net for any footage of this that may be available, and within maybe 30 minutes I caught some footage taken from a cell phone where you really couldn’t tell if this was a hologram of Pac or an impostor.

It wouldn’t be till about 9 this morning before I caught some better footage (see video below). When I caught this video it was sitting at like 301 views. Several hours later it’s at 600 thousand plus.

My first thought? I thought it was INCREDIBLE how real it looked. The 3D, the way he moved around the stage, the dancing, etc all looked so REAL. I could only imagine someone in the crowd who was drunk or high watching that and tripping out. ESPECIALLY when Pac says “What Up Coachella.” Now that was a lil crossing the line. HA. It’s one thing to bring Pac back for us to remember him and his music. It’s another to make us feel like he’s REALLY there in the present.

I saw Jazzy Jeff tweet that this was something Dr. Dre had been planning for a long time, and word is it was commissioned with Afeni Shakur’s blessing (I hope so).

I’m surprised Puffy didn’t think of this first. I wonder what will happen next. Will the hologram of Tupac go on a world tour to sold out arenas worldwide? Will we see other artists brought back from the dead to perform live one more time? Michael Jackson, Elvis, Biggie, Big Pun, etc. … I hope not.

While I was very surprised and excited to see this video today, I hope it doesn’t start a trend. In the meantime while this joint is still available on You Tube check it out…

Where’s the Nate Dogg footage at though?

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