Video: Gorillaz w/ Andre 3000 & James Murphy – “DoYaThing”

“A monster of a collab, A beast of a track” is what the Gorillaz new single “DoYaThing” with Andre 3000 is James Murphy is being called.

Sooo first I heard the original 5 minute version of this song about a month ago… Then I hear the raw & uncut 13 minute version… Then I find out there’s a video for this joint… THEN I find out Converse is behind the whole thing. I wonder what I’ll learn next.

Andre 3000 MURDERS the verse on this joint, and really spazzes out on the 13 minute version.

The Gorillaz also have a new limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star collection available for purchase.

DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz Feat. Andre 3000 & James Murphy – “DoYaThing”

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  • oh my goodness I didn’t know Gorillaz was still making music. I absolutely love that group. Thanks for posting the video.

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