Video: Mad Skillz Reveals His Plan To Release One Last LP & Retire Via WM40A

On Friday afternoon I was doing an interview out front of A3C when out the corner of my eye I spot non other than Mad Skillz. He was posted up for a few mins, as various people came by and shook his hand. By the time I finished my interview he was gone, so I didn’t get a chance to chop it up with the brotha. I found out later that he was in town for a Red Bull event at Gold Room with DJ Jazzy Jeff. I even hear Jeff was spotted walking around A3C, I never saw him.

The homie Phenom Blak from Wheres My 40 Acres caught up with Skillz where he talked about the future of Skillz, the next projects he’s releasing as well as a possible retirement from recording music.

Skillz drops several jewels in this interview one of my favorites: “It’s easy to get a record deal, it’s hard to get your album out on a tuesday.” He also speaks on the importance of building and maintaining relationships. Give it a look below.

Spotted at A3C

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  • solid interview with a 15 year vet!!!

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