Video: Mobb Deep Returns To The Stage

A few weeks ago I was in the barber shop, and my barber was talking about how he was flying up to NYC to catch Mobb Deep’s first live performance since the return of Prodigy from a 3 year prison sentence. Well it all went down this past Friday night at the Best Buy Theatre (Formerly Nokia Theatre) in Manhattan. Thanks to the good ole Internet you can get a glimpse of what it was like to be in the place.

Along with Mobb Deep the show also featured performances from the Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, STS, Dice Raw, Truck North, & Porn), plus Raekwon & Ghostface. To somebody like me in the ATL that’s a pretty crazy lineup, but it was just another friday night in NYC.

Check out some footage of the Mobb’s return to the stage. You can check out the full recap over at XXL.

An Eye For An Eye with special guest Raekwon

Then Lil Kim joins the Mobb for the Quiet Storm remix

I think it’s GREAT to brought back the ole Hennessy Jersey’s from the Shook Ones video. In fact I wonder if those are the same jersey’s from the video. HA.

Looks like the crowd was DEEP! Pretty awesome for the first Mobb Deep show in 3 years… You wanna know something funny? I’ve NEVER seen Mobb Deep perform live before. I tried to catch them in ATL years ago, and they never showed up.

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