Video: Señor Kaos Featured On Beatminerz Radio Wed 10.19

This past Wednesday I braved the mini tropical storm that was going on in NYC and trooped it out to Bushwick Brookyn to catch up with Crazy DJ Bizarro for Beatminerz Radio. Shouts to Mr. Walt for the invite. The studio that houses the radio show as I learned is also the same place where the Hip Hop classic Black Moon “Enta Da Stage” and countless other joints were made. Was a honor to be sitting in the same place that gave birth some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks.

When I got there Bizarro told me “Your gonna laugh today” and BOY was he right. It started with Dj Esquire’s Phil Collins Vs. Michael McDonald battle.. Afterwards Bizarro took over for Bizarro’s World. Check it out.

I talked about the new album, why I’m in NYC, and Bizarro debuts two new joints for the world to check. I had a great time. Salute to the Beatminerz fam.

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Big shouts to DJ Evil Dee who always shares the craziest Hip Hop stories when I see him. Before I left DJ Wayne Ski sent me off with a shot of Jamison Whiskey. This was def the best radio interview I’ve done this year. HA.

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