Video: The New Content w/ Boog Brown

Speaking of The New Content, they just hit me with this new piece with Boog Brown. Boog was a special guest at my Most Interesting MC In The World release event on March 2nd. She’s a true Beast on the mic. Check her out.

With her album “Brown Study” (produced by Apollo Brown) tearing up the indie scene and being called one of the most notable by itunes, Detriot native Boog Brown (who now resides in Atlanta) took time to talk to us about life, people being “extra-fraudulent,” how she connects and breaks down her growth from her “Grind Season” mixtape to her critically acclaimed album “Brown Study.” This exclusive contains footage of her performance at the A3C Hip Hop Festival, where she tore the house down.

<a href="http://www.joost.com/3cc1y42u">TNC &#8211; BOOG BROWN Interview</a>

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  • thank you Kaos!! love!!

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