Why Don’t You Run For President Then?

I am becoming annoyed with our African American super intellectual heavyweights overthinking and overanalyzing EVERYTHING BARACK OBAMA does! I mean if you got it all square then maybe you should run for office! Did you not listen to the brother’s speech? You don’t think that was a home run for AMERICA?

 Nah? Y’all want Obama to be the Presiden of ALL BLACKS. I prefer my President to work across party lines, gender and racial divides and make good on these promises of hope he’s given us. I’m reminded of HAROLD WASHINGTON winning in the ‘Go. We felt like anything was possible! And I refuse to major on minors or let the elders taint what’s happening for our generation! This man’s speech was laced with the spirit of our ancestors and we front because he wasn’t specific?

IT’S HIS TIME and I don’t think he needs to necessarily ride the coattails of others to assert his position!

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  • People need to be critical. Like anyone else running he needs to be held accountable for issues we hold close to us. He isn’t exempt because of the color of his skin.

    If this was Powell I’m sure they would be JUST as critical, and it’s important that they continue.


  • fug a damn Tavis Smiley…lol

  • Firebrand let’s distinguish critical, holding a man’s feet to the fire and plain ol’ hating first.

  • On the Real just do your research on Obama and his running mate it gets deep, and ask yourself is America and the dominant culture really ready for change or is just in fashion. You know how we in this country love to bulid people up just to knock the down.
    “Close Your Eyes”

  • Research? Definitely, research Obama against McCain and tell me you cool with four more years of George Bush Jr?

  • I think they were a little too hard on Obama in this particular clip. I mean you would think they would understand the difference between a politician and a political activist. We have to have people on both fronts in order for us to bring about effective change. The people to make the call for change and point out injustices where race is concerned, and the people who are actually in a position to do something about it.

    Dude has to play the game. We cant expect this brotha to run JUST FOR US or play ONLY to the issues we are concerned with. That speach he made wasnt just for black people.. and thats what folks need to understand. Dude isnt running for president of Black America. He’s running for the president of the United States. He has to appeal to everyone.

  • I am No Means a Mccaine supporter in fact i really want to
    vote for Change Progress = OBAMA.
    Word. i hear you can’t get anymore closer to Politrix as usaul then Joe bidden. He is coporate sponsored ,has ties to the Washington way of things.i am just sayin Check his record. He is one of the chief architects for laws and
    bills that just don’t make sense for the American people.

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